Nine charter school operators say they’re interested in opening new schools in Mississippi, including one in Durant.

The state’s Charter School Authorizer Board announced Friday that two of the schools are proposed for the Jackson school district.

Charter schools are also proposed for Canton, Clarksdale, Columbus, Drew, Greenwood and Magnolia.

No organization that currently runs a charter school anywhere else is applying. Mississippi’s process has heavily favored experienced operators in the past. Startup groups sometimes have trouble proving they have the money and institutional heft to run a school.

All groups must submit full applications by May 9 and some are likely to drop out. The board is scheduled to vote on proposals Sept. 11.

The board has approved four charter schools so far, all in Jackson, with three now open. (AP)


  1. Bulldog Fan says:

    Charter School ? In Durant?????
    You must be joking?? My opinion here, and I will probably offend someone …… but I wouldn’t send my hunting dog to a school in Durant. Sorry.

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