On May 17, 2017 the Kosciusko Police Department conducted a search of an apartment at Yorkshire Apartments.

During the search, officers discovered a variety of items that where stolen from mini storage buildings that were broken into in the City of Kosciusko and in Attala County.

Collins encourages anyone that had their storage building broken into, to please call the Kosciusko Police Department at 662-289-313 or the Attala County Sheriffs Office at 662-289-5556, so you can come and identify your belongings.

At this time two subjects have been arrested in connection with these multiple burglaries.

Timothy Ables, a 40 y.o w/m from Kosciusko was arrested and charged with Possession/Disposal of Stolen Property, Four Counts of Burglary, Two Counts of Utility Theft, and One Count of Malicious Mischief. Candice Kyzer, a 37 y.o w/f from Kosciusko has been charged with Possession of Controlled Substance Felony, Possession of Stolen Property, Two Counts of Theft of Utility, and Fail to Appear in Court.

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