Why You’re Being Advised to Shop Around for Gas

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--It's another COVID Thanksgiving. But, that does come with a little bit of an upside. Gas prices may go down some before you travel. The experts say it has to do with the strategic release of crude oil reserves into the market and rising COVID cases in the U.S. and around the world. "Some countries are reacting... Read More.

Why Gas Prices Could Go Down As Much as 30 Cents

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Mississippi's gas average has dropped to $3.03 per gallon. Gasbuddy says that's almost 30 cents cheaper than the national average of $3.41. You could see it go down as much as 30 cents per gallon because oil prices have fallen about $10 to $75 per barrel, in the past week. "With oil prices plunging nearly $10 from the... Read More.

The Possible City Improvement That May Go Right Under Your Nose

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Kosciusko may be looking at using federal money to improve the situation at the city's sewage lagoon. But, there may be other improvements that you never know about because you never think about wastewater until something breaks down. "We have a lot of plans that we're working on with our American Rescue money," said Mayor Tim Kyle... Read More.

Kidnapped Woman Found Safe, Captor Captured

WEST, Miss.--The woman who was kidnapped Wednesday in Holmes County has been found safe and her captor is under arrest. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said Charles Lidelle Moore is in custody. Shanetta Andrews was found last night in Carroll County. Police had been looking for both of them since they believe Moore held Andrews and her daughter. The... Read More.

Coronavirus Advice For the Holidays

FOREST, Miss.--Of the five coronavirus deaths reported in Mississippi over the past day, one was in central Mississippi, in Scott County. Cases have been down significantly in the past month. But, state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs is still warning people to take the virus seriously and get the vaccine. "If you're driving out of state or people are... Read More.

Gas Poured on a Holmes County House

PICKENS, Miss.--Imagine finding out that your neighbor has poured gasoline all the way down your driveway, up on your porch and is threatening to light a match. That's why Delorine Edwards, of Pickens, called police last Thursday. She told WLBT-TV she found out what had happened from her neighbor. "Gas was from the end of the road, up my... Read More.

Why Some Kosy Police Will Be Allowed to Take Patrol Cars Home

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Some police officers in Kosciusko will be allowed to take their patrol cars home. The decision was made Tuesday by the Mayor and Board of Alderman. "You really don't have anybody whose over this vehicle who takes care of the maintenance,' said Mayor Tim Kyle. "You assign these vehicles, people take more pride in them, more care." Right... Read More.

Ex-Boyfriend Wanted for Holmes County Kidnapping

WEST, Miss.--A kidnapping in Holmes County in the West area, in a community called Green Acres, has police on the lookout for a man and his white SUV. Sheriff Willie March said Charles Moore used a gun to try and kidnap his ex-girlfriend and her daughter. The daughter got away. The girlfriend didn't. March said Moore is an... Read More.

State Intends to Execute David Neal Cox Wednesday

PARCHMAN, Miss.--The last thing David Neal Cox's wife saw before she died was her husband raping her 12 year old daughter. Cox shot and killed his wife, assaulting his stepdaughter in front of her in their home in north Mississippi. Today he pays. Cox is expected to be the first person executed in the state since 2012. Gov. Reeves... Read More.

Coffee With a Cop and How Relationships Are Built

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Coffee with a Cop. New Kosciusko Police Chief Chris Wray says it's a way he hopes to bring the police and the community together. It's been done in big cities and small towns across America and he believes it might work in Kosciusko. A local business would host. You would be invited for coffee. "And sit down with... Read More.

Chief Says Facebook Page Is About Transparency

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Kosciusko's police department has a new Facebook page. Police Chief Chris Wray says he hopes it will help the department communicate with people directly. "I think that it really helps us with transparency. I think people in the community really want to know what their police department is doing," said Wray, in an interview on Breezy101's "The... Read More.

What Happened With That Police Chase

HOLMES COUNTY, Miss.--The high speed police chase that went through Holmes County Wednesday night, got as fast as 130 mph, say police. It started in Madison County when police pulled over a Maserati and a K-9 smelled drugs. The driver sped off on I-55, heading north. That took him through our area. Winona cops used spike strips and that... Read More.