Deaths Still Affecting Central Miss., Even Though Coronavirus Numbers Are Down

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Coronavirus deaths are still affecting central Mississippi, even though those numbers are going down. One person was reported dead in Neshoba County and one in Newton County over the past day, out of the 61 deaths reported in the state. The Miss. Dept. of Health reported 947 cases of COVID. For the past five days the number... Read More.

Abused Women, Men and Children in Miss. Affected by Disagreement in DC

WASHINGTON--The odds are that you know someone who's had to get a restraining order or at least has had to call the cops on their significant other. The money for helping battered women, men and children comes partially from Washington and right now Democrats and Republicans can't agree on the reauthorization of the "Violence Against Women Act". Sen.... Read More.

More Coronavirus Cases Reported Over the Weekend, ICU Usage Lower

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Coronavirus cases have slowed in Mississippi to below 1,000 per day for the past several days, with under 900 cases reported Friday and 1,561, reported by the Miss. State Dept. of Health over the weekend. Of the 42 deaths reported over the weekend, only one was in our area, in Kemper County. "Great news on the hospital front... Read More.

What Happens With Mississippi’s Abortion Law and Roe v. Wade

JACKSON, Miss.--A pro-abortion rally was held on the side of the interstate in Jackson this weekend, with a pro-life protest on the other side of the interstate. The people who are for abortion rights said they are concerned that Roe v. Wade, the principle that protects a right to an abortion, could be overturned soon. Mississippi's abortion law... Read More.

A West Nile Warning: A Person in Central Miss. Has It

DURANT, Miss.--A person in Holmes County has West Nile virus, according to the Miss. State Dept. of Health. The agency reported that four human cases were confirmed late last week and one of those was in Holmes County. The other three were in Hinds, Pearl River and Yazoo counties. West Nile is carried by mosquitoes and can lead... Read More.

Congress Avoids Shutdown, Your Congressmen Have Their Say

WASHINGTON--Both the U.S. House and Senate agreed on a bill to avoid a federal government shutdown Thursday, at the last minute. The legislation to raise the debt limit has been delayed. "I think this is now our time to make sure that we are being good stewards of the taxpayer's dollars," said Congressman Michael Guest, a Republican, on WAPT-TV,... Read More.

Coronavirus Is Not Done With Us Yet

CARTHAGE, Miss.--Coronavirus is not done with us yet, even though cases are down. Out of 50 deaths reported over the past day across the state, three were in central Mississippi. One person died in Attala County and two in Newton County. Over 1,000 new cases were reported. "I took every precaution necessary. I was really stringent with hand sanitizer,... Read More.

Thompson on Jan. 6 Committee: Subpoenas Are Being Sent Out

WASHINGTON--You may be hearing a lot more from or about Congressman Bennie Thompson over the next few weeks. As head of the Jan. 6 Committee in the U.S. House, he will be demanding testimony and evidence from some powerful people. Thompson told reporters in the hallway at the U.S. Capitol this week that four subpoenas had already been... Read More.

Ag Commissioner Upset at Medical Marijuana Plan

JACKSON, Miss.--Mississippi's Ag commissioner is getting cranky about the latest plan to implement medical marijuana in the state. Legislators want to saddle his department with the job of administering the program because they see it as an agricultural issue. "It's a drug issue. It's a prescription issue. It's a patient issue," he said at a Monday news conference. The... Read More.

Holmes Consolidated District In the Bottom Ten in Math and English, State Trying to Help

LEXINGTON, Miss.--Neshoba Central is a top ten school district in math. That comes from last year's state test scores. The district had 61.6 percent of students proficient in math, while the state average was at about 35 percent. The district was listed at number four, and is in the company of top state districts like Biloxi, Clinton, Ocean... Read More.

Coronavirus: Why State Doctors Say the Vaccine Is Working

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--As COVID slows in Mississippi, one more person is being reported dead in our part of the state, in Attala County. But, doctors with the State Dept. of Health and the Miss. Medical Association believe the vaccine is working and that is why you're seeing and hearing about fewer coronavirus cases. "Ninety eight percent of our cases... Read More.