Boswell Media Awards List

Boswell Media Awards List


  • 1st Place Best Radio Reporter: Breck Riley
  • 1st Place Best Multimedia Story: Paul Harvey WKOZ Revisited
  • 1st Place Best Short Feature Story: Paul Harvey Broadcasts from WKOZ
  • 2nd Place Best Sports Story: Choctaw Central Special Olympics
  • 2nd Place Best Radio Sound: Neshoba County Emergency Drill
  • 2nd Place Best Multimedia Story: Cruisin for a Cure
  • 2nd Place Radio Achievement
  • Total: 7


  • MS Radio News Person of the Year: Breck Riley
  • 2nd Place Best Mulitmedia Story: Big Red wins State Championship
  • 2nd Place Best Public Affairs Reporting: Kosciusko Responds to Race Relations and Violence
  • 3rd Place Best Sports Story: Graphic Edge Bowl Recap
  • 3rd Place Best Sportscast: Graphic Edge Bowl Broadcast
  • 3rd Place Best Use of Sound: Big Red Wins State Championship
  • 3rd Place Best Newscast
  • Total: 7


  • 1st Place Best Radio Sound: Remembering Jasmine
  • 2nd Place Best Radio Sound: Philadelphia Rotary/Chief Inauguration
  • 2nd Place Best Newscaster: Breck Riley
  • 2nd Place Best Radio Website:
  • 2nd Place Best Best General News Story: Neshoba County Bond, Neshoba County Gun
  • 2nd Place Best Newscast: Breck Riley, Mina Mooney, Lindesy Jennings
  • 3rd Place Achievement: December 4 Newscast
  • Total: 7



  • 1st Place Awards: 4
  • 2nd Place Awards: 11
  • 3rd Place Awards: 5
  • Special Awards: 1
  • Total: 21