Special Announcement: Kicks 96 is temporarily broadcasting on Crusin 98.3 (Audio)

Due to a severe weather system that came through our listening area on Saturday morning the Kicks 96 tower site experienced severe damage. “I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but we do know we had an event that occurred there on Saturday. It is in sync with a line of thunderstorms that passed through the area,” said... Read More.

The Lady Bulldogs season comes to a end.

The Lady Bulldogs come into semifinal action against the Lady Wolves. The First quarter was an amazing sight as both teams were well matched and went back and forth ending the quarter in a tie (14-14). The second quarter both teams continued to give the crowd a show ended with the score being (26-27). The Lady Bulldogs... Read More.

Bulldogs going to the regional finals!

The Bulldogs take on the south West Bears in semifinal action in the regional tournament.The Bears go up (0-3) in the first few minutes  of the first half. The Bulldogs answered back with a four to three run making the score (7-3). The Bulldogs took the biggest lead of the game with the score being (23-15) and... Read More.

The Lady Bulldogs flew past the Bengal’s

The Lady Bulldogs go against the Bengal’s in the first round of regional tournament action. The Lady Bulldogs started the game off slow by giving the Bengals a seven to three run  making the score (3-7). The Bulldogs would then go in a back and forth match with the lead the rest of the quarter making the... Read More.

Bulldogs win big!

The Holmes Bulldogs face The Co-Lin Wolves in regional tournament action. The start of the first half started a little slow giving the wolves a six to two run making the score (2-6). The Bulldogs fought back tying the wolves with twelve minutes to go in the half (17-17). The Bulldogs would then take over the game... Read More.

Bulldogs fall short

The Bulldogs come into semi final action against the pearl river Wildcats. The first half was a exciting half showing both teams defensive and offensive skills in the game. The Bulldogs started out slow letting the Wildcats have a (6-12) lead in the first couple of minutes of the half. The Bulldogs would then tie the game... Read More.