Veterans Day – Pearl River Resort To Offer Complimentary Meal To Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans

Pearl River Resort will offer a free meal to active duty military personnel and veterans on Veterans day. According to the resort "in honor of military service and sacrifice you can enjoy a free meal on us! This meal will be offered on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11th from 11am to 3pm." To receive this free meal, active... Read More.

Kick’s Picks Week 9 winner: BJ Morrow

The competition intensified in this week’s Kicks Picks Presented By Byars Furniture of Philadelphia. Week 9 produced the seasons first perfect submission turned in by B.J. Morrow of Philadelphia.   B.J. receives the weekly Football Friday Food Prize from Singleton Fish House in Carthage. There was also six other players who only missed one game. The year’s Kicks Picks comes to... Read More.

Beware – Scam Alert In Leake and Central Mississippi

Be aware of scam calls. The Leake County Sheriff's Office is reporting that people in the area are receiving scam calls stating that if you don't call a certain number local authorities will arrest you. Then if the number is called they state they are from social security headquarters and if you don't send money, the same... Read More.