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I am writing this letter as a matter of public health.  I am prayerful that my decision to share my private health information will have an impact on the decisions you make going forward.  As you all know, our community, nation and world are in the middle of a pandemic:  the current coronovirusor COVID-19 outbreak.  I began experiencing sore throat, headache and shortness of breath on Monday, March 23.  I stopped seeing patients immediately, tested myself and quarantined. My family has been quarantined as well.  My test returned positive on Wednesday morning March 25. My plan (as well as my family’s) is to remain quarantined for 14 days.  

Currently, I am not terribly sick and have mild symptoms.  I do not require hospitalization, and I pray it stays that way.  If not, I trust God has a plan for me and my life and I trust his plan withall of my being.

To provide a little history, current published research states people can spread the virus as much as 14 days before symptoms begin.  I likely came in contact with the virus in the last 2 weeks.  I have recently traveled out of state on Spring Break.  However, we now know that coronavirus cases wasspreading throughout our community the week prior to Spring Break.  I am also confident due to the nature of my job that I have come in contact with persons with coronavirus multiple times last week in our community.  It is safe to say that this virus is not foreign to Mississippi or Kosciusko, and that it is all around us.  

If you came in contact with me last week, I hope and pray you remain well.  I can only say that my coworkers and I all have followed all protocols and protections recommended to us to do our best to keep you safe as this virus spreads.  Even so, I understand this may cause anxiety and I would urge you that if you develop fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, please call Trace Medical so they can determine if you need to be tested. Although we will not test asymptomatic patients, the current guidelines state that if you know you were exposed to the virus and exhibit symptoms you should selfquarantine to slow the spread.  If this is you, you should assume you are positive now and stay at home.  If you must go out, you should stay 6 feet away from others.  While you are well, you are still potentially carrying a deadly virus to others—especially the elderly population and those with current heart and lung conditions.  

Please pray for our leaders to make wise decisions for us all.  Please follow their orders.  Hopefully I will continue to be well and can work some from home utilizing telemedicine for my patients.  If I become ill and require hospitalization, I trust my partners will do their best to care for each of my patients.  Patients, please call first prior to coming in clinic.  Trace Urgent Care 662-289-9155.

Please support social distancing and self quarantine—not to protect yourself but to protect others!

Peace in Christ,

Dr. Gray Wallace

This letter was sent to Breezy News by Dr. Gray Wallace with Premier Medical Group.

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