Update 12/18/2017:  Sheriff Tim Nail  has released an update to the media in the ongoing investigation of the incident that took place at The Attala County Lounge. Nail said his department arrested Cary Dotson, 28-year-old black male. Dotson has been charged with one count of aggravated assault. Nail said more arrests are on the way.

More information on this investigation;

The Attala County Lounge has been shut down until further notice by Attala County Sheriff Tim Nail.

The move comes after five people were injured at the night club early Sunday morning.

Nail initially shut the club down for 24 hours for an investigation.

After searching the property and interviewing witnesses, investigators learned an exit door at the club was padlocked the night of the shooting, which is a violation of fire code. Those inside the club had to break through the lock to get out once the shooting started.

Investigators also found marijuana and liquor on the property.

Nail said the club will remain closed until code violations are addressed and corrected.

He told the Attala County Board of Supervisors that if the problems haven’t been fixed in 90 days, he would ask the board to revoke the club’s license.

Nail also told Breezy News that arrest warrants have been issued for two people connected to the shooting, and he expects more warrants to be issued in the coming days.

The Sheriff also clarified that while five people were injured, only four were shot. The fifth was injured by broken glass.

Audio: Attala County Sheriff Tim Nail

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