Update: The burn ban in Attala County has lifted.

The Attala County Board of Supervisors voted to lift the burn ban during Monday’s meeting.

Oct. 8: On the backs of Governor Phil Bryant’s statewide burn ban, Attala County officials have issued one of their own.

The board of supervisors passed a burn ban during Monday’s meeting at the request of Emergency Management Director Danny Townsend.

The statewide burn ban issued last week by Gov. Bryant covers Attala County indefinitely, but the burn ban passed today is in effect through Nov. 7.

So, if the statewide burn ban were to be lifted before that date, the Attala County ban would still be in effect until cancelled by the board of supervisors.

No burning of any kind is allowed during a burn ban. However, Townsend did mention to supervisors that cooking on a charcoal grill is still allowed during the ban.

The Attala County Sheriff’s Office will be in charge of enforcing¬†the ban.

The penalty for burning during a burn ban ranges from a $100-$500 fine.

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