Attala County is getting five new firetrucks.

During Monday’s meeting, the board of supervisors approved the purchase of the five (3 engines and 2 tankers) trucks at a total cost of $1,225,431. The motion passed pending the approval of District Two Supervisor Charles Fancher, who was absent from the meeting.

Emergency management director Danny Townsend said the county will get back over $300,000 of that money from the state.

Townsend said the trucks could take as long 365 days to be delivered.

Other business covered during Monday’s meeting:

  • The board finalized a completion order on bridge LSBP-04(19) in District 5.
  • The board heard a proposal from representatives with FirstNet Authority, a wireless and date network carrier for first responders.
  • The board approved a motion to replace the sign at the Attala County Coliseum.
  • The board approved a school bus turn-around for AJ Johnson.
  1. Just asking says:

    Gosh over $200,000 back out of over a million. There were buildings built all over the county using grants to house firetrucks in the communities yet I understand the Carmack truck is housed in the city of Kosciusko while their building stands empty.

    • Just saying says:

      Just asking for your information Carmack has a fire engine in their station. Their tanker has is a 1977 model truck and has a brake problem with parts no longer available. And just so you know Carmack will be getting one of the new trucks to replace the one that’s broke. And as for as the 370,000 that will be coming back that is set by the legislature and comes from insurance premiums.

  2. Preacher says:

    Yall might as well not start complaining there is nothing that is gonna be done…. They gonna raise our taxes and we are gonna pay them are else!!!

  3. DATDADO says:

    Our severely underpaid first responders / HEROS should have up to date, fast, safe and dependable vehicles to respond county wide from station one in town. There always on duty literally training and waiting to come save our lives! Thank y’all and supervisors for getting new trucks for them.

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