On the morning of Wednesday December 4th 2019 Deputy Scott Chunn responded to a suspicious person on Attala Road 4142.
When the Deputy arrived in the  area he identified two white males, Tony Guerrero and 38 year old Jeremy Gilbert.
Tony Guerrero fled from the Deputy on foot into a wooded area. After a short search he was located, placed under arrestest and charged with possession of a controlled substance – felony.

Jeremy Gilbert was charged with hindering prosecution – felony
Both were transported to Leake Correctional Facility.
In a separate incident on Thursday December 6th 2019 Deputy Chunn responded to McAdams in reference to a disturbance with a weapon.
A suspect vehicle was identified and stopped by Investigator Mark Hill which resulted in recovery of a weapon.

The suspects were identified as Quincy D Brown, 23 year old black male and Stephen May.

Brown was charged with possession of a weapon by a felon and transported to Leake Correctional Facility.

  1. JeremyGilbert says:

    That’s such a lie that is not what happened and Tony was not apprehended so somebody need a to get the story straight I’m hiring a lawyer somebody ass is about to get sued If this is what Tim Nail or Scott Chunn told y’all there are lying through there teeth

  2. Cindy Cheek says:

    Attala county law enforcement really incriminates citizens with alterior motives at times. Sometimes its over a overly expired grudge, an Ex-wife or girlfriend, or an individuals last name regardless of the standing of popularity and wealth of their family. The entire department needs to be investigated and under review by state and federal authorities of higher jurisdiction. If they monitored and investigated professionally the subliminal laws broken by the officers the community would be shocked.

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