Audio: Mississippi Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann visits Breezy 101


Mississippi Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann visited the Breezy 101 studio Tuesday afternoon.

Hosemann sat down with Breck Riley to discuss his visit to Kosciusko and how Attala County/Kosciusko benefited from this year’s meeting of the Mississippi Legislature.

Listen to the conplete interview in the audio file below.


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  1. Gigi Tanksley
    Gigi Tanksley
    May 17, 2023 at 2:50 AM

    Not one year more for Reeves. He acts like he speaks for ALL Mississippian’s. He is so out of touch it isn’t funny. He announces what he has done after the ink is dry and it’s too late for citizens input.
    He called people with debilitating illness pot heads. Said those people who voted for MMJ were lazy and didn’t want to work so out of touch he doesn’t realize they work and pay taxes every single day.
    Any of you notice no new industry? A plant in Columbus, Google in the Tunica area, and Amazon in Canton and maybe a few other special projects.
    You may as well start packing up your grown children’s things the minute they leave for college because they will have to leave here to make a living wage. You can count on one hand the industry here. We only need so many doctors, nurses, and other medical support personnel. Banker and lawyers, finance companies, car lots, discount stores, restaurants, how many jobs do those cover? Do they pay well? Not a whole lot I’d say. If you’re willing to drive 184 miles back and forth to Jackson or Madison, 90 miles to Philadelphia to work for MBCI, or down to Canton to Nissan or Amazon, you might could stay near what has always been your home. Otherwise, while some stay inside the state most have to head for greener pastures of the coast, or north Mississippi.
    Take a look at the district lines in Mississippi. Really do that. I can’t decide if they thought giving Vicksburg to Bennie Thompson would get him voted out or what?
    Do yourself another favor and take a look at the readily available films about the poverty in the Mississippi delta. Then you will see why Mississippi is ranked in the lowest five in most polls with no hope of ever rising to the top forty.
    Please consider your votes carefully. Fixing the Strand, which working class people can’t even afford to rent won’t help your kids make enough money to live what used to be the American Dream. We don’t need to preserve the past near as much as we need to build a future.
    Please vote in your families best interest. This isn’t your Grandfather’s Mississippi anymore.


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