At 7:51 am Attala Deputies were called to a residence on Attala Road 4202 in Attala County for a report of a stolen vehicle. The caller said they last saw the white 2011 BMW approximately 9:00 pm Tuesday night.

Sheriff’s Deputies soon issued a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for the stolen vehicle and are asking for assistance in locating its whereabouts. No direction of travel and the occupants are unknown at this time. Law Enforcement advised that a firearm may be in the auto. The tag number is “ATK 368” If you see the vehicle or have any information on its whereabouts, you are urged to contact the Attala Sheriff’s Department at (662) 289-5556 or your local Law Enforcement Agency.


  1. dana gwin says:

    How would anyone know where the heck “Attala Rd 4202” is? We have the most illogical and boring road identification system in America. Must be part of our County Board of Dictators plan to keep growth and development away from Attala County…who would locate a facility in a hostile business climate in which GPS can’t even help you get around! Do I remember them saying, a while back, that they would look into the insane numbering system? Like most issues, they figure if they ignore it long enough, it’ll go away! Make Attala Great Again…Vote Em Out!

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