The postal worker shot in Attala County two weeks ago has died.

Postal Inspector Tony Robinson confirmed Sherry Ingold died Friday afternoon following a week long stay at University Hospital in Jackson.

“The Postal Service is shocked and saddened by the events that occurred last week in the West, Mississippi area,” said U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Tracie Finley. “We are especially grieving the loss of our postal family member, rural letter carrier Sherry Ingold, and we continue to keep her family in our thoughts.”

According to family members, no funeral arrangements have set.


Update: The suspect on Thursday’s shooting in northern Attala County has been identified.

Postal Inspector Tony Robinson said the suspect is 28-year-old Roland Mitchel Dampeer.

Robinson said Dampeer is in federal custody and appeared before a federal magistrate Friday afternoon.

The victim in the shooting has been identified as Sherry Clausen Ingold. She remains in critical condition in a Jackson hospital.

A prayer vigil is schedule for Saturday night in Kosciusko for the victims and their families.

Update: Two people are in the hospital following a shooting in northern Attala County.

Attala County Sheriff Tim Nail said both the suspect and victim in the shooting were sent to a Jackson hospital for treatment of critical injuries.  Nail said the victim was airlifted.

According to Nail, the suspect first attempted to abduct someone at the Sunflower grocery store in Kosciusko.

After leaving there, he drove north on Hwy 35 where he encountered the victim and that’s when the shooting occurred.

Investigators with the Attala County Sheriff’s Office are working with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the US Postal Service on the case.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.


Previous updates to this story:

1:15 PM: Emergency Management Director Danny Townsend said the suspect is in custody.

No further details were given.

12:35 pm: Someone is attempting to pull over vehicles in Attala County.

Emergency Management Director Danny Townsend said the vehicle is a silver four-door sedan with tinted windows and what appears to be an out of state license plate.

Townsend said the vehicle pulled over someone in Hesterville north of Kosciusko and that the suspect fired shots. Townsend said the suspect was also involved in a separate incident in Kosciusko.

The driver of the vehicle should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Townsend said for drivers to not pull over for any vehicles that do not have blue lights or official law enforcement markings.

If you have seen the vehicle, contact the Attala County Sheriff’s Office at 662-289-5556 or dial 911.


  1. DATDADOO says:

    So as I ate my sandwich on 35N, I noticed 10+ blue lights go buy… I then recieved a txt from my supervisor “gunman on the loose grey car”. I turned pale with fear and drove to a safe locked work space. As I ate my cheetos, scrolled threw breezy news app and called the wife… the fear slowly went away as I remembered all the different law enforcement vehicles screaming pass me to catch this active shooter and they did!

    Thank yall ALL!!!

  2. Ronnie cotton says:

    This sounds just like the car that was acting like they were trying to stop me one night on way home from work. I was 35 north almost in Kosciusko when I came up on this car going real slow so I went to pass him and they tried to keep me from passing. I thought they were just being a butthole to me so when I did get around I sped off til they couldn’t see me and turned off and went back roads home. Few years back when someone was impersonating a cop they had tried to pull me over and when I reported it nothing was done. 6 other people were stopped by same car before they really searched for it.

  3. Kaprena hanna says:

    That same silver car blew at us by daylight donuts crossing through the red light they then turned on second Avenueslow down as if they were watching this time our light was green we went towards sunflower and made a stop down from it …by the time we headed back down twelve passing Adam grocery a police vehicle was flying through traffic … this is so scary I hope they catch whoever it was..

    • Citizen says:

      All information released was available to the public or to anyone with a scanner. we are blessed to have an attentive and dedicated emergency manager that had the insight to try and warn potential victims of this dangerous person. And kudos to our sheriff and all LE involved job well done!

    • Judy B Shipp says:

      In most areas, an Emergency Management Coordinator becomes the spokesperson when several law enforcement agencies are involved. That way there is one voice presenting one message. The EM Coordinator ensures accurate and timely information is released that doesn’t compromise law enforcement activity.

    • Judy Shipp says:

      In most areas, the Emergency Management Coordinator becomes the spokesperson when several law enforcement agencies are involved in a situation. The person gets consistent and accurate information out in a timely manner. It prevents multiple versions of information from being presented. It also prevents information from being released before family members are notified.

    • Concerned says:

      You obviously need to read up on what the Emergency Management Director does and can do. This is a very serious incident that occurred today. Would you rather wait and let the law enforcement get their ducks in a row and make a statement hours later after the fact? At least people had somewhat of a heads up as to what was going on.

    • Glynn Bishop says:

      Because he is our EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR . You shouldn’t have to ask that question
      Or be anonymous about your identity.

      • dienkdau says:

        And an emergency it was. I was able to watch my property because of the information he shared. They caught this POS within a mile of my place. I could look down the driveway and see it. It was an emergency.

  4. Thankful Citizen says:

    Thanks to all of our police officers! Great job.. Y’all put your lives on the line for us everyday and I so appreciate everything that y’all do! Again great job!! Thanks for keeping us safe!

  5. Susie says:

    Thank you to all officers for apprehending the suspect. Thank you Breezy News and EMA Director for alerting the public to be aware. Public cooperation and interagency working together makes a big difference. We should all come together & pray for all involved today.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This was an emergency! We should all be thankful that everyone came together to protect us.Great job KPD and KSO and we should all pray for the victim of this senseless tragic act.God please protect all of our Law Enforcement and first responders while they put their lives on the line for us day in and day out.

  7. Dienkdau says:

    It is a well oiled machine Tim Nail is running. I live on the opposite side of the bridge where they got him. They caught this guy within 14 miles of Sunflower and less than 2 miles from where he shot a very close friend of mine. A Job Well Done. And a job I wouldnt want. Thank You For The Job You Do. SALUTE TO ASO.

    • Ramage says:

      This happened less than a half a mile from my home. I know the lady that was shot. She is in very critical condition. My family’s prayers are with her and her family. Today’s technology with smart phones are great with weather alerts and both amber and silver alerts. Would be nice if we could get notifications on incidents like these so we can warn loved ones in a dangerous situation. Thankful law enforcement was able to apprehend the individual that did this horrible, senseless, tragic act.

  8. Interested says:

    I have utmost respect for all Law Enforcement officers & all emergency personnel. We can be proud of these officials. You couldn’t pay me enough to be in their shoes. They risk their lives as well as the lives of their families every day, Thank you for your service always, and a job well done today.

  9. Nichole says:

    Last I checked….. ain’t the EMA director also over homeland security for the county?
    All that aside, I’m glad someone thought to notify the citizens, and that law enforcement were quick to apprehend. Thank God for the great emergency crews and law enforcement in this area! We appreciate all you do!

  10. Vivian says:

    I want to know how the lady is doing? Is she going to make it or has she passed away? We have been praying for her recover. Please let us know the update on her. So many thing going around that she passed away and then she is still alive. We want a update on her. Please!!!!!

  11. 19 R 19 says:

    An Emergency Manager probably has something to do with managing emergencies. If your true interest is for the safety of the citizens of this County then you would have no problem withthe EM informing the citizens about the situation. The sheriff had no problem with what Mr. Danny Townsend CD-1 did, and there’s noone higher up on the totem pole (as far as law enforcement goes) in this County which includes the city because the city is in our County. Some folks may not want to admit things like that, but I’m sure this criminal didn’t want to admit that he committed a crime but that doesn’t change the fact that he did. So either your heart’s not in the right place or your head is way too far up something that you’re not thinking straight if you have a problem with what CD1 did. He is not going to try to step on anyone’s toes but I can guarantee you that the safety of the members of this community is his main concern and the last thing he’s concerned with is somebody whose feelings are hurt if their toes did get stepped on and we already covered the sheriff’s position on that so we know that stepping on toes is not the case. No more questions. Thanks to all LE involved and a special thanks to CD1 for your quick thinking to inform the people. CD1, I’ve got your 6.

    • Speaking Truths says:

      I think it was just asking why he handled it. As in trying to understand why.
      So, you taught someone never ever to question anything in Attala County right?
      Bully for you! Or would that be bully are you? I’d be willing to bet you wear a badge and a gun and give L E a bad name.

  12. Very Concerned says:

    I checked the local PO this morning and there has been no updated info. Last heard she’s still very critical. She’s my carrier and a beautiful person. Just keep her lifted up everyone in prayer and trust there is a God. Don’t stop praying for her.

  13. DATDADOO says:

    Exactly thanks to CD1 me and my coworkers who work all over county and city were advised of situation quickly. My gosh I was on 35N/440 eating lunch when i got txt from supervisor. I’m not lawinforcement, thanks to CD1 all civilians knew quickly what/where. I grew up in jxn, all we knew was shots fired and 10 o’clock news!
    From all the different blue light vehicles, they worked fast to catch this crazy by any means.
    Prayers out to victim
    Ps slot of unmarked vehicles with blue lights are off duty law inforcement still keeping us safe

  14. Very Concerned says:

    Can someone please explain to me why there hasn’t been a town hall meeting to inform the citizens in Attala and neighboring area what is going on, how to be on the lookout and “ladies” more so how to protect ourselves when out alone. Everyone don’t carry a weapon, however maybe now they should get official training and learn how to protect themselves. This is an ugly and cruel world we live in. As tax payers we as a whole have a right to be well informed and it seems to me that business is as usually like nothing has even happened. People wake up, we need to work together and form some type of neighbor watch, legal of course. About Sunflower, if what has been released is true about what happened inside the store and management did NOTHING to assist, like immediately dial 911 while this is in progress, I want to know why the HELL are we still supporting his business???? I’m just saying, where was/is management’s concern for his employees and customers? We are continuing to support him but did he support out safety at at. Yes, I’m very angry about what happened because this possibly could have been avoided before it got to the point of my very good friend being blindsided and shot. We need help as a community to pull together and we watchful of our neighborhoods.

    • Concerned says:

      Yes, that is so true an innocent hard working person is standing in the need of prayer while fighting for her life. If authorities were notified of that jackass trying to abduct females from the store immediately while still in Sunflower grocery store it’s a possibility that he could have been stopped right there in the store. Sad and touching. Praying for the postal worker and her family. I stand in the asking for healing power and favor♡

    • Opinionated says:

      I understand what you are saying. Yes, it is easy to blame Sunflower. But at the end of the day, this man was evil. It all falls on him. Placing blame on any one person or place, besides the man who did this, is absurd. Many people have many different stories. Some say they heard something, others say they didn’t. As far as I know, nothing concrete has been released from the MBI about what actually happened at Sunflower. I was not there so I cannot speak on that situation. In my opinion (everybody has one), we should pray for everyone involved instead of walking around judging and making assumptions. If you or other people don’t want to support Sunflower, by all means that’s your right. But to place blame on anyone besides the perpetrator, shows ignorance.

  15. Jimmy says:

    The EMD has a job title it covers from a-z and the job Description ending statement says, as well as for hostage situations, so well done Brother Danny !

  16. Appreciate says:

    You will never hear me say one bad word about Bro. Danny, He should be an example for us all.. Not many people take their jobs as seriously as he does. If only we could all be as Godly and hard working as Bro. Danny this world would be a much better place. Great job that you are doing and a great job that you did.. Thank you to you and your family. I’m sure there are times when your wife hates to see you walk out that door. She is a wonderful person to give us her husband on a daily basis. I know that can’t be easy to do.. Thank You Too S.!

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