Gov. Phil Bryant says he’s still exploring a special legislative session to provide more state money for Mississippi’s roads and bridges.

Bryant told reporters Thursday that a potential U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing states to collect taxes on internet sales could provide a boost to Mississippi revenues.

The Republican governor says he could ask lawmakers to dedicate that money to transportation, along with proceeds from a state lottery and newly legalized sports betting.

Bryant says those revenues could be “very close” to providing enough money to fix roads and bridges.

They would likely provide the state more than $100 million a year. But that’s short of the $400 million transportation commissioners say is needed to prevent deterioration of the state highway network. Some cities and counties also have expensive needs.

  1. Gwen says:

    Only if state lawmakers are not allowed to use the money for anything else. That’s why we don’t have enough money now to fix the roads and bridges.

  2. dana gwin says:

    Mississippis financial woes have a very simple solution. In a recent letter to the Star Herald, I laid out four building blocks for prosperity in Mississippi. The lottery is the lowest hanging fruit…a total no brainer. Number two is to enact Statewide Uniform Liquor laws and end the insane wet/dry county scenario controlled by corrupt County Boards. Number three is to abolish the private prison system…imprisoning people for profit was a stupid idea. Number four is to end cannabis and hemp prohibition. President Trump has talked congress with removing federal restrictions on the most beneficial plant on the planet so that states can decide this issue for themselves. I can overcome ANY objections to legal regulated cannabis products and industrial hemp. There is undeniable proof that cannabis kills cancer, treats PTSD, reduces or ends severe seizure disorders in children and help with many other heath issues. Since enacting legal regulation, Washington state has reduced opioid deaths by 25%, reduced overall opioid use, reduced teen pot use, reduced overall crime, and earned, in the first year, over $430 million in excise tax and over $180 million in local sales taxes. Consumer prices are much better than Black market for a quality controlled product that is traceable from seed or clone to sale! Industrial hemp is a source material for over 25,000 products. These four simple things would enable Mississippi to rise up and provide a much better quality of life for “we the people”!

  3. dana gwin says:

    Please forgive the typo in my previous comment. It should read, “President Trump “TASKED” congress to end federal prohibition of cannabis/hemp, not “TALKED”…

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