A historic building on the Kosciusko square is coming down.

Demolition began this morning on the building that formerly housed Leonard’s Department Store.

The building is being torn down to make way for the construction of the Mississippi Native American Museum.

Kosciusko Mayor Jimmy Cockroft will give an update on the project’s future Wednesday, Aug. 8 during Minute with the Mayor live on Breezy 101.

  1. Jim says:

    History and memories are welcome, and needs to be kept so newer generations can remember things of the past, and photos or videos made of them and then new ones constructed, is the best for bringing in prosperity here, newer buildings brings in business with appearance.

  2. Jim Gilbert says:

    All of the older buildings on the square are of similar age. There needs to be a comprehensive inspection of ALL of them to avoid additional disasters. Updating the structures will be expensive. Building owners will not want to bear the expense alone. Maybe there are some grants available to help. It would be a shame for the entire square to collapse.
    We need to preserve what we have. Newer buildings that don’t fit in with the existing personality of the square would destroy the charm that is Kosciusko.

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