Dr. Wallace gives update on his battle with COVID-19


It has now been 17 days since my last working day in clinic. I published my letter acknowledging my positive Covid-19 (coronavirus) result 14 days ago. I have now recovered from this terrible virus! Words cannot express my and my family’s heartfelt thanks for the many calls, texts and letters to us! Also, thanks to the many friends that delivered food, cleaning supplies and other gifts these last two weeks. I am truly thankful and blessed to work in this community that supports each other!

I followed CDC guidelines regarding healthcare providers return to work recommendations. I have now had 2 negative covid-19 tests 24 hours apart. I thank my partners for covering for me while I was out sick. I am now ready to return to regular work.

Now that you have seen someone recover from coronavirus please do not think this is no big deal. Thankfully, I was in the 80% of people who have mild symptoms. By mild, I mean I did not require hospitalization. The day before I was tested, my wife and I walked 3.5 miles; I had no shortness of breath or chest pain. The day I was tested and knew I had coronavirus, I was short of breath after walking just 20-30 feet. This virus is no joke! Please continue to listen to our government leaders regarding social distancing and shelter at home orders. We will get through this together, but right now, that means we need to stay apart!

Thanks again,

Dr. Gray Wallace

This letter was sent to Breezy News by Dr. Gray Wallace with Premier Medical Group.

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