At 7:00 am Attala Deputies, McCool Volunteers, MedStat EMS, The Mississippi Highway Patrol along with Attala Fire and Rescue responded to a report of a one vehicle MVA. The caller said it was located approximately three miles front he Attala/Choctaw county line. The report was that a gold Honda Accord crashed in a tree. Medics were informed that there were two occupants, one complaining of neck pain.

At 11:15 pm Kosciusko Police4 were called to the 700 block of West Jefferson Street for a report of a possible B&E.

At 1:28 pm Attala Deputies and the Mississippi Highway Patrol were called to highway 12 east near Greenlee School for a report of a one vehicle MVA. The caller said that a red Pontiac hydroplaned off the roadway. No injuries were reported.

At 2:53 pm Attala Deputies were called to the intersection of Attala Road 3022 and 3024. The caller said they found a igloo cooler with bones in it.

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