Felony Tampering with a Witness and Felony Receiving Stolen Property in Attala and Leake Arrests


ANDREW ALEXANDER, 36, of Cleveland, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Hold for Other Agency, LCSO.  Bond N/A, $500 N/A.


ZACHARY S BISHOP, 31, of Carthage, Possession of Marijuana, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance of Family, CPD.  Bond $424.25, $399.25.


ZYION CHRISTAN, 18, of Sallis, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, ACSO.  Bond $5,000.


LAQUIL R EUBANKS, 34, of Jackson, Felony Court Order, Leake County Circuit Court, Felony Obstruction – Tampering with a Witness, LCSO.  Bond N/A, N/A.


STEVEN GREEN, 40, of Camden, DUI – 2nd, CPD.  Bond $1,331.


JERRY HYNES, 49, of Carthage, Hold for Other Agency, CPD.  Bond N/A.


JOMARCUS MATLOCK, 20, of Carthage, DUI – 1st, Careless Driving, Speeding, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $168, $218.


JENNIFER R MORRIS, 48, of Walnut Grove, No Driver’s License, Bench Warrant – Leake County Justice Court, LCSO.  Bond $500, N/A.


DOUGLAS W ROBY, 22, of Kosciusko, Bench Warrant – Leake County Justice Court, Felony Receiving Stolen Property, LCSO.  Bond $0, $4,000.


JOHN R VEASLEY, 35, of Kosciusko, Felony Court Order – Leake County Circuit Court, LCSO.  Bond N/A.