A former Choctaw Tribal Chief from Attala County will be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Allen Wright has been announced as one of nine inductees for the Class of 2019.

Wright was born in Attala County in 1826.

His family immigrated to Indian Territory in 1833 following the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

Thirty-three years later, Wright, serving as Choctaw Tribal Chief, suggested that territory be called Oklahoma, a Choctaw word meaning “red people.”

In addition to naming the territory, and eventual state, Oklahoma, Wright translated several books of the Bible from Hebrew to Choctaw and is credited with creating a Choctaw dictionary to be used in tribal schools.

McAlester News Capital reports that Wright’s great great grandson, also named Allen Wright, will receive the Hall of Fame recognition during the annual banquet Thursday, November 21, in Oklahoma City.

Link: oklahomahof.com

  1. Burdy R. Patrick says:

    That is awesome, congratulations to the Choctaw Tribe and Chief Wright family. Knowing this makes me more proud to be a resident in Attala County.

  2. Beverly E. Johnson says:

    Alfred Wright and Allen Wright need to be distinguished. It may not be Allen White who translated several books of the Bible into Choctaw, but rather Alfred Wright. Some sources, even ones from the Choctaw Nation, do credit Allen Wright with translating the Book of Psalms, but this may be an historical error that is being perpetuated from source to source.

    The source of information for this news bulletin is Wikipedia. Wikipedia references back to a Choctaw historical source for the information. However, a number of other sources clearly state that it was Alfred Wright who translated Psalms, not Allen.

    The Choctaw language did have dialects, however, so perhaps different translations were made, but it is only secondary sources that credit Allen with translating Psalms, not primary sources.

    Alfred Wright (1788-1853) was a Presbyterian minister missionary who worked with the Choctaw in Oklahoma. He is the namesake of Choctaw Chief Allen Wright.

  3. Edward Schroeder says:

    I am reminded of a line from the 1962 movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend”.

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