Gas Prices, Heating Prices, The Border Crisis: What the Congressman Says Needs to Change


WASHINGTON, D.C.–You are very likely feeling some of the pain caused by the rise is gas prices and heating prices, and likely have seen some of the effects of the supply chain problems, even in central Mississippi. Congressman Michael Guest (R-Miss.), is blaming most of it on policies instituted by the Biden administration. He says Congress should act to reverse course.

“Hard working Americans are facing an inflation crisis that is driving up the prices of almost everything we purchase. We are facing a supply chain crisis where people are unable to buy goods and services they need to have productive lives,” said Guest, in a speech on the U.S. House floor.

Guest said in the one-minute speech that the U.S. is also facing a border crisis, where border agents are so overwhelmed that they cannot account for the drugs that are coming across the southern border at the hands of drug cartels.

“We are facing an energy crisis, where the price of gas has reached a seven-year high and heating costs are expected to rise over 50 percent as winter approaches,” he said.

Guest, who represents Neshoba County and parts of east and central Mississippi in DC, also blamed progressive members of Congress for the difficulties.

“It’s time to reverse course, cut spending, promote good-paying jobs and secure our borders,” he said, in offering a solution.

That is not a solution Democrats are likely to consider, as several bills are being pushed that will likely further increase spending, one being the “soft infrastructure” deal. Even though it was cut in half during negotiations, it will likely still cost about $1.75 trillion.


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