Guest: Haitians Must Follow the Law; Abortion Bill Being considered


WASHINGTON–About 5,000 Haitians remains camped under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Some are being airlifted back to their home country. Congressman Michael Guest says if they want to come into the United States, they must follow the law to do it.

“If they have valid claims for asylum, those claims should be reviewed and determine whether or not there’s any validity to those claims,” he said.

LISTEN: Guest on Haitian situation

Guest acknowledged the political turmoil and other problems many Haitians are facing at home that makes it a dangerous place to live for some of them. That is why some Democrats, like Congressman Bennie Thompson, have asked the federal government to stop deporting them.

“If they’re only seeking to enter the country because our economic system is better, then clearly that does not qualify them to be able to remain in the country,” said Guest.

He said that while many Haitians would rather have the opportunities that exist in America, the legal way for them to come here would be to apply for a green card or to apply legally for asylum.

“We’re a nation of laws and if they’re going to claim asylum they’re gonna have to show that there’s some sort of persecution, if they’re persecuted because of their religious beliefs or they’re persecuted because of their political beliefs.”

An abortion vote today

Guest said he is also prepared to vote today on a bill that would codify abortion, or make abortion a right under the law, rather than just under the Roe v. Wade decision from the Supreme Court.

“But what the courts have said, it gives the states, individual states the ability to put reasonable restrictions on abortion. The legislation that we will be voting on would remove all of those restrictions,” said Guest.

LISTEN: Guest on abortion legislation

He said that people who are for abortion should be concerned because of the few limits that are placed on the procedure under the proposed legislation.

“It would allow for government funding of abortion. It would allow for abortions to occur within the third trimester, actually to occur just moments before a child is born.”

Guest said he believes it “sets no guardrails” on abortion.

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