Health Science Students Learn About The Digestive System


The Health Science students of the Kosciusko-Attala CTC have been busy studying and learning about the Digestive System.  Students are taught about the anatomy of the system as well as the functions of each part.

As a way to review what they learned, Amy Price, Health Science instructor, carried out a “hands on” activity.  Each student selected a card that contained a portion of the Digestive System.  That is the section that they were responsible for demonstrating during the activity.  The class began by lining up in order of how their section of the GI tract aligned along the alimentary canal.  The activity began with a large bag filled with many other layers of bags and food/nutrients.

As the students tore open the bag, it simulated how the mouth chews and tears food.  They continued this process while passing the bag of “food/nutrients” along the Digestive tract.  Each person performed the action that occurs during digestion.  Once the food was broken down and “absorbed,” the nutrients (which were M&Ms) were distributed to everyone in the class to symbolize sending them out to all the parts of the body.

Pictured are first-year students holding their nutrients.

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