Despite earning an “F” rating two years in a row, the Holmes County School District will not be taken over the by the state.

The Associated Press reports the district was removed from consideration because of the impending merger with the higher rated Durant School District.

However, a Mississippi Department of Education panel has recommended to the state Board of Education that as many as three districts be folded into a new statewide achievement school district aimed at improving academic performance.

The panel recommended that Humphreys County and Noxubee County schools get top consideration when the board votes in December. But the panel recommended that the board secondarily consider Jackson. Like Humphreys and Noxubee counties, Jackson has been rated an F for two straight years by the state. Also like those two, more than half its schools are rated F.

“We need to provide the board options,” said state Superintendent of Education Carey Wright. “We’re making recommendations, but they’re just that.”

The achievement school district is an attempt to improve the academic performance of long-struggling schools. It could take over schools rated F by the state for two straight years, or any district rated F for two of three years. A school would remain under state control at least until it scores a C rating or better for five years. (AP)



  1. B. Johnson says:

    So, you take something “F” rated and link it up to, for example, something rated “B” and then what you get is a passing “C” rating. Clever!

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