Update: E-911 dispatch problem fixed

Update: Kosciusko E-911 Dispatch Director Liz Peteet says the problem has been fixed.

Callers should still get in the habit of dialing 911 for all emergencies.


11:30 am: The Kosciusko E-911 dispatch center is having problems receiving calls from C-Spire customers.

Director Liz Peteet told Breezy News that calls from C-Spire customers to the center’s admin lines are the problem. Peteet says the calls will go through, but dispatchers can’t hear the caller on the other end.

Calls to the admin lines are routed to the dispatch center from numbers 289-3131, 289-3132, and the Attala County Sheriff’s Office 289-5556 (routed to dispatch center from Attala SO after 5:00 pm and on weekends).

So far, the problem is resigned to these numbers, as calls from C-Spire customers to 911 all work properly.

Peteet said C-Spire callers, as well as customers from all carriers, should call 911 for emergencies.

There have been no problems with calls from other AT&T, Verizon, or other mobile carriers.


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