The Kosciusko Whippets hosted the Northeast Lauderdale Trojans for homecoming Friday night.  Despite the weather, the action was quick.  The Trojans scored with the Whippets right behind them.  A field goal by the Trojans right before the halftime break made the halftime score 9-6.

The Whippets scored in the third, 13-9.  But hearts were breaking in KO when the Trojans scored in the fourth, taking the lead.  With only seconds left on the clock, all seemed lost.  Then INTERCEPTION!  Kosciusko runs it all the way back for a touchdown, winning the game with zero on the clock!  19-15.  It was a happy homecoming indeed for the Kosciusko Whippets.

Antonio Harmon, Devonte’ Ellis and Jaquarius Thomas  were named the Autumn Ridge Players of the Game.

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