Kosciusko native posthumously inducted into Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame


Story by Chis Davis

LAKE CHARLES, La.–You may have grown up around or known Kosciusko’s Ben Terry. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, he was the man, serving as a beloved broadcast meteorologist on KPLC Channel 7. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to people there that Terry was inducted into the Louisiana Assoc. of Broadcasters Hall of Fame last weekend.

“It’s so hard to nail down that one thing. Ben had this really unique ability to deliver the information that people needed with the sense of urgency it required, but also without overhyping something,” said KPLC News Director Jillian Corder.

“You just immediately trusted Ben’s guidance.”

Perhaps the peak of that was during Hurricane Laura in 2020 when Terry lost his home and the station was damaged as the city was ravaged in a direct hit. He stayed on the air through it all, and told people to “change the channel”, if they didn’t like it.

John Bridges, morning anchor for KPLC and one of Terry’s closest friends points out that violated a cardinal rule in broadcasting. Yet, Terry had the innate authority to do it.

“How satisfying it was to see Ben grow and at the same time to see what a hole he left not only in our heart as friends, but as a talented meteorologist who made a difference,” said Bridges.

Terry was also dealing with a cancer diagnosis, one that would take him through a three-year journey during which the community rallied behind him, holding fundraisers and remaining a collective companion to their friend.

“Ben shared so much of his personal life with our audience. He was an open book for them,” said Corder.

That wasn’t just during his health struggles. He shared when his cat ran away and returned months later. He had a colonoscopy on air, to drive home the importance of preventive checks. He also was not shy about his Christian faith.

Interview with John Bridges and Jillian Corder

Bridges and Terry shared a love for radio, as well as TV, volunteering at the McNeese State radio station, where Terry hosted “Motown Magic Mondays”.

Bridges said Terry not only inspired loyalty, but love and mutual connection, proving that he was the definition of broadcast personality.

“I can’t tell you how much I learned from him through the whole ordeal. I don’t know that I’ve become such close friends with a co-worker as I have with Ben,” he said.

Bridges, along with Terry’s mother and step-father, Kathy and Jimmy Rone, accepted the award.


Kathy and Jimmy Rone accept the Hall of Fame Plaque from the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters at the annual awards banquet in Baton Rouge. (Source: KPLC/John Bridges)
(Source: KPLC/John Bridges)
(Source: KPLC/John Bridges)

  1. Patricia Breaux
    Patricia Breaux
    March 27, 2024 at 10:56 AM

    A man I trusted and admired, he never knew the word “stop” or quit. Always upbeat and compassionate at everyone’s needs. My prayers for him daily.💕

  2. Terry Overstreet
    Terry Overstreet
    March 27, 2024 at 1:03 PM

    So proud of Ben and all he accomplished!


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