KSD Anounces Policy Changes


Due to the unprecedented times of the COVID 19 pandemic during the 2019-2020 school year we are requesting that the following policy changes be made for the 2019-2020 school year.

All policy changes are in line with the waiving of policies done by the Mississippi State Board of Education.

District Wide
Lower the passing/promotion final average from 65 to a 60 overall average. All other policies concerning which subjects these apply to remain the same.
Schools must have a committee to determine the best course of action for students who fall below the 60 average and for honors class placement. Committee to include teachers, administrators, counselors, and parent/guardian.

The fourth nine weeks average will be determined by using the highest previous nine weeks grades earned by that student.

For example, if a student earns the following grades: 1st nine weeks 80, second nine weeks 75, and third nine weeks 74 then the fourth nine weeks will be an 80.


Grade earned in 3rd nine weeks will be duplicated as 4th nine weeks grade with the exception of those classes that are 4th nine weeks only classes.
For the classes that are only 4th nine weeks the students will be given a simple assignment to be completed and credit earned. This will be a Pass or Incomplete with no impact on GPA.
Assignment will be done in Google Classroom or by any other method necessary to give students opportunities to complete the assignment.
Students are not required to take or pass the four state tests required for graduation at the high school level in the 2019-2020 school year.

This includes any student who has taken and passed the course associated with the state assessment in Algebra I, Biology I, English II and US History.

Students will not be retained based on the 3rd grade literacy promotion act. We will use the above criteria for promotion.