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  • Brandi J Beemon, 36, 2089 Mill Road, Lena, capias – possession of meth, contempt of court, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • William A Chapman, 66, 4604 Hwy 35 S, simple assault on a law enforcement officer, Attala Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Brandon W Dycus, 34, 2124 Flanagan Road, Greenville, public drunk, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Demetrio Gonzalez, 34, address unknown, public drunk, hold for ICE, Carthage PD
  • Dexter B Johnston, 42, 1106 Pleasant Hill Road, Lena, capias – burglary of a dwelling, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Ahmad Manning, 30, 604 N Natchez Street, Kosciusko, Bond Surrender, Attala Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Kendal Nickles, 40, 88 Sanders Lane, Carthage, capias – possession of meth, capias – possession of marijuana, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Brandi L Sparkman, 35, 105 North Hillside Road, Carthage, disorderly conduct, Carthage PD
  • Michael J White, 22, 3882 Hwy 35 North, Carthage, capias – burglary of a business, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Kendarrius D Smith, 22, 246 Massey Circle, Carthage, domestic violence, improper equipment on vehicle, Carthage PD

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed. Arrests made by the Leake County Sheriff’s Department, Carthage PD, Walnut Grove PD, Attala County Sheriff’s Department, Kosciusko PD. (Leake County Correctional Facility images)