A man accused of stealing a Mississippi Highway Patrol cruiser has been arrested.

Sean Patrick Sharp was arrested Sunday in Decatur and handed over to the U.S. Marshals.

Sharp is accused of stealing the highway patrol car in Simpson County on Nov. 21.

Decatur Police Chief Joedy Pennington says authorities pursued Sharp in a car chase Friday before finally arresting him Sunday.

Sharp was pulled over near Mendenhall last month because he was wanted for vehicle theft in Warren County. The highway patrol says Sharp twisted his handcuffed hands from behind his back to steal the police car. He’s accused of then stealing two other cars.

It’s unclear whether Sharp has a lawyer representing him. (AP)

  1. Jim Gilbert says:

    Accused? Really?
    He’s guilty! There are witnesses that can positively identify him as the thief.
    Now he will get a “fair” trial and go before a judge to plead not guilty; opening the pockets of the public to house, feed and provide an attorney to get him off.

    This is not justice!

    The laws of The United States have been perverted in every case where the guilt of the defendant is not in doubt, against the people.

    If he is found to be guilty, by a jury of his peers (what would that look like) then we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to incarcerate him. That’s not justice either…it may be a paid vacation.

    Changes to the laws need to be implemented so that the criminals get PUNISHED!
    Not too long ago Parchment was self supporting because the inmates worked the farm. What a novel idea! Turn off the air conditioning, color tv, close the weight room and send him to field.

    Would it be a deterrent to crime? I don’t no or care. It would be punishment for crime and that’s what I’m in favor of. We have become too soft hearted, after all, it’s always someone’s fault that we behave the way we do…isn’t it?

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