One person is dead following a house fire in Kosciusko.

The fire broke out around 11:50 pm at a home at 727 N. Jackson street near Whit’s Kwik Foods.

Captain Jake Cummins with the Kosciusko Fire Department tells Breezy News that despite being less than a half of a mile from the Kosciusko Fire Department, the home was already fully engulfed in flames when fire fighters arrived on scene at 11:52.

Attala County Coroner Sam Bell confirmed that one person was killed during the fire. He said the body has been sent to the state crime lab for identification.

The house had recently been voted to be demolished.

An unclean property public hearing for the home was held prior to the June 4 meeting of the Kosciusko Board of Aldermen.

The board voted to demolish the home to due its continual poor condition, despite warnings and previous hearings, and ongoing complaints from neighbors.

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  1. Lisa Greer says:

    They should let first time home owners buy some of these old houses and fix them up they did that in Indiana the houses sold for $1.00

  2. Concerned Deeply says:

    There are many empty houses just rotting away all because people claim they want to keep them in the family but refusing to live in them or to fix them up or sale them. It’s a waste to see streets with dilapidating houses that were once vibrant and full of life. If houses are not lived in they collapse or are vacated by vagrants, drug addicts and alcoholics. Something must be done or Kosciusko will be a dump.

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