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Delorna D Jefferson, 44,118 Bell Drive, Philadelphia, public drunk, Carthage PD

Claude D Simmons, 66, 10490 Attala Road 4167, Sallis, driving under the influence (DUI) 2nd offense, driving with a suspended license, Attala Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

John P Jordan, 55, 82 Mickey Lane, Lexington, possession of marijuana, possession of whiskey/liquor, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Mcandrew Ricks, 37, 604 Waggoner Road, Carthage, contempt of court, possession of a controlled substance, possession f a weapon by a convicted felon, escape, hold, Carthage PD

Brandon R Tavares, 23, 9573 Attala Road 3122, Vaiden, driving under the influence (DUI) 1st offense, Attala Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Julie M Harris, 41, 412 Cowan Street, Canton, public drunk, possession of marijuana, Carthage PD

Andra J Bullie, 48, 1371 Livingston Road, Madison, driving under the influence (DUI) 2nd offense, false information, no drivers license, Carthage PD

John S Ashford, 38, 568 Mallett Road, Kosciusko, possession of marijuana, Walnut Grove PD

Venisia Lopez-Felciano, 48, 44 Jimmy Cook Road, Heidelberg, public drunk, introducing contraband into a correctional facility, Carthage PD

Melia B Soloman, 30, 599 Conehatta Prospect Road, Conehatta, driving with a suspended license, Walnut Grove PD

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed. Arrests made by the Leake County Sheriff’s Department, Carthage PD, Walnut Grove PD, Attala County Sheriff’s Department, Kosciusko PD. (Leake County Correctional Facility images)