Choctaw tribal will be voting on whether the Red Water Casino will be built in Leake County.

“I stand by the Red Water Casino project,” says Chief Phyliss Anderson. “I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for our tribe.”

A group opposing the project, Choctaw for Better Government, petitioned for the project to go to a vote of the people and a judge ruled in their favor.

A date has been set for the Red Water Casino vote for November 16, 8 am – 8 pm.

The proposed Red Water Casino in Leake County would be the tribe’s fourth.

Red Water Casino is expected to create 250 jobs, generate more revenue and reduce existing debt.

“I will move forward to do everything I can to make sure we do build Red Water Casino,” says Chief Anderson.

The projected revenue for Red Water is nearly $50 million a year with a profit of about $20 million each year. The project would cost about $25 million.

“We hope to have it paid in 18 months,” says Chief Anderson.

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