A motivational coach that works with athletes across the United State spoke to students at Kosciusko High School Wednesday.

Sam Cila with The Program Athletics spoke to the school’s athletes on the importance of teamwork and being a good teammate.

“Our main message is to get that [sic] much better,” said Cila. “The way that we believe you do it is be being by being a good team leader and teammate, being physically and mentally tough, not make excuses, and working hard.”

Cila, a retired US Staff Sergent and an Ironman competitor, said he was able to come to Kosciukso on his trip to Starkville to work with the Mississippi State Women’s basketball team.

Blair Schaefer, former MSU star and daughter of head coach Vic Schaefer, came with Cila to speak to the school’s female athletes.

Audio: Sam Cila

  1. Sue Nowell says:

    I’m sure that in today’s competitive world this was a great decision by KHS. Developing this carries over into the student body as these young men and women set an examples throughout not only the high school but junior high and below. It will serve them as part of their lufe skills.

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