Jason White, District 48 Representative, spoke with the Kosciusko Rotary Club Monday afternoon about the recent 2016 session of the Mississippi Legislature.

White began the meeting by stating that he had been appointed chairman of the Rules Committee, which this year meant that he was assigned all of the state flag bills.

Those bills included measures to get rid of the state flag and ones to keep the flag and cement it in the state constitution. But even after all of the discussion, White said there’s still not much progress being made in regards to the issue.

“There’s no consensus in the Mississippi Legislature as to what is to be done with the state flag,” said White.

White mentioned opposing view points between the Speaker of the House and the Lt. Gov. as one obstacle to getting anything accomplished when it comes to the flag. He also stated that there are petitions going around that hope to bring the flag up for a vote in the near future.

School consolidation was another topic White spoke on during his time at Rotary. He spoke about the consolidation of the schools in Holmes County and said that Durant will be consolidated into the Holmes County Central School District beginning in fall 2017.

Other topics covered during Monday’s meeting:

  • White revealed that the state set aside an additional $500,000 for the Native American Museum project in Kosciusko, bringing the total amount to $1,000,000.
  • White called campaign finance and election reform a “total failure” by the legislature.




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