Veterans Day Post – Returning soldier surprises daughter at Kosciusko Lower Elementary (video)

How about a surprise homecoming video to celebrate Veterans Day?
Do you remember when Sgt. Travis Fulgham surprised his daughters at Kosciusko Lower Elementary?

When 8-year-old Paislee Fulgham arrived at Kosciusko Lower Elementary Friday morning, she thought she was just going back to her former school to read to first graders to cap off the school’s week of celebrating the notable author Dr. Seuss.  The second-grader was especially excited because the Cat in the Hat was to be there in person as she read his story.

What Paisley didn’t know was that this was no ordinary Cat in the Hat.

Paislee’s father, Staff Sgt. Travis Fulgham of the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team, had secretly returned from a year-long deployment in Kuwait earlier in the week and he would be dressed as the iconic Dr. Seuss character.

As Paislee began to read the story, a “Welcome Home” banner was unveiled behind her as her father made his way to the front of the room.

KLE Principal Michelle Nowell then informed Paislee that a very special Cat in the Hat would be joining her to finish the story.

As Staff Sgt. Fulgham removed the mask, Paislee, joined by her younger sister McKinlee, embraced their father for the first time in almost a year.

Fulgham then briefly spoke to the class about his mission overseas and how hard it was to be away from home. The special day ended with the entirety of Mrs. Debbie Howell’s first grade class reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fulgham was deployed March 12, 2018 with several other soldiers in the Mississippi National Guard. As a member of the 155th ABCT, he was involved in Operation Spartan Shield.

Audio: Staff Sgt. Travis Fulgham


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