Special Announcement: Kicks 96 is temporarily broadcasting on Crusin 98.3 (Audio)


Due to a severe weather system that came through our listening area on Saturday morning the Kicks 96 tower site experienced severe damage.

“I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but we do know we had an event that occurred there on Saturday. It is in sync with a line of thunderstorms that passed through the area,” said President of Boswell Media, Johnny Boswell.

“We initially thought it was a transmitter problem on the ground, but we have learned we have significant damage to our main antenna for Kicks 96.7 and possibly damages as well to the transmission line,” continued Boswell.

Boswell media has made a plan so that Kicks 96 programing can be heard.

Kicks 96 programing will move to FM frequency 98.3 temporarily.

“For the next few days (up to the next week) you will hear Kicks 96 programming, but you will hear it on 98.3 as we work to get a tower crew to come and assess the damage and do the necessary repairs,” says Boswell.

*We appreciate your patience during this time and we have people working on this situation as we speak. We hope to be back on the Kicks 96 main tower as soon as possible.

President of Boswell Media, Johnny Boswell (Audio)