The Million Dollar Studio (Video)


B-MO in the MO’rning – In 20 years of radio, you hear a lot of people say a lot of things. From promises to the moon and back, to bonuses for ratings, demographics, and cume. (These are radio terms and considering the lesson you’re about to receive about the industry, grab a pen and paper because it’ll come in handy.) When I moved here from Las Vegas, Johnny Boswell asked only one thing of me and made me one promise. “Learn the way we do things Brian”, and his promise, “I’m going to build you a new studio.” He would keep that promise in every aspect of the word. Johnny Boswell himself, built me a new studio. I’ve known owners, heard the promises but the man built me a studio. Now of course he had some help with somethings, but the majority of the work was him and that’s what makes this studio my favorite of all I have had the pleasure of stepping in. The project saw some delays from shipments coming in late and equipment being built, but Johnny got it done.

I learned the way he does things and made him a promise too. “I want to be and do for this company what nobody ever has”, the production (commercials) quality changed, the Mississippi Assocation of Broadcasters awarded Kicks 96 the companies first ever “Radio Station of the Year” in 2021. In 2022 the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters handed us the Mississippi Morning Show of the Year award and as incredible a feeling as it was to be a part of that, to have watched this studio (which means a million dollars to me, hence the name) being built, with my opinion sought out and the combination of our vision, brought this incredible studio to life. (Class dismissed)

The stand-up bar height wrap around counter is the widest I’ve ever worked in. The M.D.S. (Million Dollar Studio) is the most acoustically dead I’ve ever heard (which is a must in both station and recording studios). What it allows you to do is have the purest tones for recording. So with that and the two mobile boom mics, musicians can actually record here when they come in. Thanks to Johnny, Melissa, Billy and Ross for making this project become a reality.

Check out the new studio:


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