At 11:51 am Kosciusko Police, MedStat EMS along with City Fire and Rescue responded to a two vehicle MVA at the intersection of South Natchez and South Street. The caller said there were injuries in the accident.

Units arrived on scene to find one vehicle in the roadway and the second having crashed into God’s Corner Gift Shop. Both autos had heavy damage. MedStat called to a second medical unit to assist in transport of patients.

According to Captain Gant with City Fire, three patients were transported to Baptist-Attala for treatment.

There is no word on the exact cause of the accident. The Kosciusko Police Department is in charge of the investigation.

  1. Bullgogfan says:

    My goodness! They both must have been traveling at a high speed…. to do that much damage!! You say they need a red light there? They had one years ago. Like so many other intersections, but the city took them down. Folks just need to follow the speed limit and learn the rules of the road.

  2. Diane Grey says:

    Years ago there was a traffic light here. Then it was turned into a four-way stop. Now it’s just a two-way stop. What next? No stop sign at all….just let the fastest car dart across?

  3. Citizen of kosciusko says:

    I saw the whole thing the silver car was not going that fat he had to be doing no more than 35 the black car ran right threw the stop sign they need to make that a 4 way stop it is dangerous.

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