Two men are behind bars in Leake County after they broke into a home on Risher Road.

The break in was reported when a UPS driver went to deliver a package to the home and found the door was standing open and a window pane in the door had been busted out.

Stephen Pauley, 20, 10041 Hwy 427, Philadelphia and Nicholas Russell, 19, 26 Russell Road, Walnut Grove were arrested and charged with burglary of a dwelling.

The two suspects ransacked the house, rummaging through drawers in every room. The two burglars raided the refrigerator taking bottles of Michelob Ultra Beer and New Castle Brown Ale.

Leake Co. Sheriff’s Department lawmen had no problem tracking the home invaders down. Deputies found empty bottles of beer in a ditch near the home, along with one of the suspects Mississippi ID Card.

Reported missing from the home included several winter hats, an IMAC laptop computer, Marlboro cigarettes, and a Henry Bolt Action .22 caliber rifle.

The two suspects were transported to the Leake County Correctional Facility.


  1. Jim Gilbert says:

    The thug on the left needs an attitude adjustment!
    Way to go boys.
    Can’t get more stupid than this.
    Some prison time will give you a chance to review your thinking…or lack of thinking.

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