Update: The preliminary autopsy report has been released for the victim of deadly house fire last week in Kosciusko.

Chief of Police Herbert Dew said the results from the state crime lab in Pearl showed that smoke inhalation is what caused the death of the victim, 64-year-old Jan Overstreet.

Additionally, Dew said the report showed no signs of trauma or foul play.

Funeral arrangements for have Overstreet have been set Friday, June 21.

A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm at Parkway Cemetery in Kosciusko.


June 18: The person that died in a deadly house fire in Kosciusko has been identified

Kosciusko Chief of Police Herbert Dew said 64-year-old Jan Overstreet has been identified as the victim. Dew said authorities are still awaiting the results of the complete autopsy.

The house, located at 727 N Jackson St., caught Fire just around midnight Friday, June 14. The Kosciusko Board of Aldermen had recently been voted to demolish the home due to its poor condition.

Dew said his office is currently investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deadly fire.

Additionally, the Kosciusko Fire Department is working with the State Fire Marhsal’s to determine the exact cause of the fire.


June 14: One person is dead following a house fire in Kosciusko.

The fire broke out around 11:50 pm at a home at 727 N. Jackson street near Whit’s Kwik Foods.

Captain Jake Cummins with the Kosciusko Fire Department tells Breezy News that despite being less than a half of a mile from the Kosciusko Fire Department, the home was already fully engulfed in flames when fire fighters arrived on scene at 11:52.

Attala County Coroner Sam Bell confirmed that one person was killed during the fire. He said the body has been sent to the state crime lab for identification.

The house had recently been voted to be demolished.

An unclean property public hearing for the home was held prior to the June 4 meeting of the Kosciusko Board of Aldermen.

The board voted to demolish the home to due its continual poor condition, despite warnings and previous hearings, and ongoing complaints from neighbors.

Continue to monitor Breezy News more updates to this story.

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  1. Lisa Greer says:

    They should let first time home owners buy some of these old houses and fix them up they did that in Indiana the houses sold for $1.00

    • Joseph Lane says:

      Yeah but many of those old structures are fire hazards and demolishing them is the best option. They are built with pine lumber which is dried out and nothing but tinder to a fire.
      Of course some can be saved if gutted and rebuilt with newer materials.

  2. Concerned Deeply says:

    There are many empty houses just rotting away all because people claim they want to keep them in the family but refusing to live in them or to fix them up or sale them. It’s a waste to see streets with dilapidating houses that were once vibrant and full of life. If houses are not lived in they collapse or are vacated by vagrants, drug addicts and alcoholics. Something must be done or Kosciusko will be a dump.

  3. Preacher says:

    We if they are elderly there not able to clean it up….Why dont Kosciusko pitch in and help them clean it up instead of fining them since its such a loving and caring town….I dont quite understand how you pay property taxes and then someone tells you what your yard are house has to look like

    • MEME says:

      It’s not Kosciusko’s place to clean up or fix up the s abandoned, it’s the home owners. Why should our tax money be spent cleaning property that people obviously done care about because they have already let it go down? If they can’t afford to keep them up, then sell it!

    • Steve says:

      “Preacher”, I have spoke to Mayor Jimmy about this. The community needs to get involved, not just the city. There was a time Kosy neighbors helped each other and the city didnt have to fine.

    • Jim Gilbert says:

      If you drive through the neighborhoods that have dilapidated houses many of the other houses will be in similar condition. Some of these properties have owners who long ago left Kosciusko, arn’t paying taxes and have no intention of returning. The city will end up owning the property because of tax debt.

      You keep your property up because of pride in ownership, maintaining the value and the fact you don’t want to live in the middle of garbage. It’s just being a respectable citizen. If you open your door and throw garbage in the yard because you’re too lazy to carry it to the street likely your neighbors do the same thing. As a home owner YOU have a responsibility to the community to keep your property in a clean, respectable condition.

      If the property has been abandoned; if it is unsafe to live in, tear it down. It is better to have a clean vacant street than a slum which is the breeding place for crime.

      You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

  4. Anne says:

    I found out this morning the name of the person found burned to death in that house. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Dilapidated houses that aren’t taken care of by the persons owning them should be taken over by the city and offered for sale to anyone willing to fix them up only. Just a thought.

  5. Pat says:

    My heart aches that a citizen lost his life while trying his to survive in this city, I would often see him around Whit’s and would bless him with money or food if I could. I agree with the writer stating there are too many empty houses in our city, I can also understand that relatives do not want their property destroyed, but what I can’t understand is why let it go down rather than rent it . There are so many houses for sale but only a few for rent We need a better plan for housing for the homeless, struggling single mothers, and the homeless children , Everywhere you look these another place to eat I guess there’s more money to start up these than to provide the basics like housing.

  6. Porsha says:

    Everybody talking about the abandoned house overlooking the fact a homeless man died and no longer here with us. But I guess this abandoned house meant more to people then he did. Smh R.I.H friend 💔

  7. 2169 VEN says:

    Jan Overstreet was a harmless man whom I have had many conversations and meals with I would take Jan Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner ever year since I was 15 yrs old .He was a very harmless man. I brought to him clothes and sleeping bags during the winter when he was cold. He will be missed deeply by me. I had respect for him and hated seeing him disrespected and treated badly around this town by people.See ya again soon brother tell “squirt” I said hello.

    • Gladys TERRY says:

      My daddy was best friends with ole Squirt! I grew up around them. Yes Jan was just a harmless soul. His drinking got the best of him and I sure hate that. He used to call Me Glass Ann instead of Gladys. I hated seeing the police always picking him up and charging him ll the time. I know he should not have been running around in public but he never hurt anyone. I’ll miss ole Jan.

      • Chris says:

        When he got arrested, he got a warm place to stay, food in his belly, and medical treatment. I understand that most people don’t see it that way, but most people did nothing to help the man either, except to call the police on him. TO most, he was just a daily inconvenience, but he was also a man. Get passed his faults and he he was a funny guy, a caring guy even to those that treated him badly. He wasn’t a harmless guy, as people are saying, but he WAS more of a danger to himself than to others.

    • Kaye Allen says:

      Thank you so very much, 2169 VEN, for your kindness to this man. I’ve seen several on FB who knew him, but I don’t live in Kosy any more and had never heard of him. He’s gone now, but this should be a lesson to many to take care of people the best they can. I like the idea of offering these old homes to single mothers who cannot afford to rent or buy. The community, churches, etc. can help fix them up, renovate, update, etc. Blessings to you for helping Jan.

  8. Robert Alldread says:

    2169 Venn, thank you for looking out for Jan; we went to jr high school together. I never imagined he would fall on hard times. He was always a happy person. I’m sure he appreciated everything you did for him.
    Sometimes we dont know the whole story, we just see the present not the past.
    RIP, Jan

    • Theresa pigg says:

      Jan was a sweet person. I knew him well as a teenager. I never knew his life became so rough as an adult. RIP Jan

  9. Donna Jackson says:

    Jan went to McAdams, he was the cutest little boy, had the prettiest blue eyes you ever saw. I saw him once in 96 97, Carol Ann brought him over to speak to me. He remembered me, was so friendly and seemed so happy to see me. I don’t have any idea what happened to him in life, but God speed Jan, May you be with the Lord and free now.

    • Kathy Williamson says:

      I knew Jan from way back. I always thought back then that he was so good looking. I gave him a ride about 15 years ago and didn’t recognize him. (He was with my neighbor) At least now whatever was riding him all these years, won’t be anymore. Bless his heart.

  10. Jimmy Sanders says:

    He will be missed I’m proud to say Jan was my friend. It’s sad that so many are so worried over some houses and not the people who are trying to survive in them

  11. David Perry says:

    Does anyone know anything about Memorial service for him? Jan lost his life, and seems like alot of people are more focused on the house that burnt then with the human being that was burned inside the house… RIP JAN OVERSTREET God speed brother. Your chains are not broken…

    • Sherrall Spears says:

      Dave, I knew Jan very well. If I wrote down all the story’s involving Jan,it would be a book ! 🤣. Not a lot of people know this, but I actually saved his life one night, of all places, WHITS PARKING LOT ! . Jan wore a coat of many colors ! And he wore it well. Jan was very appreciative of every penny,, nickel, dime etc, that anyone gave him. I m fixing to check on burial for Jan. If anyone has info regarding this, please comment. RIP JAN OVERSTREET !

      • Kaye says:

        Sherrall Spears, yes, I saw on Facebook, there is a graveside service June 21, 2019, at 2 pm with Jordan Funeral Home in charge. Check with them to confirm the day and time. At Parkway Cemetery. Someone asked that many go, as “Nobody should have to leave this earth alone”, meaning with nobody to grieve. I first heard of him after his death, via FB posts. Heartbreaking and for us ALL, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” Thank you for your kindness to Jan.

    • KAYE ALLEN says:

      I saw on Facebook, graveside at Parkway at 2 pm on June 21st. I believe, Jordan Funeral Home is in charge. Contact them. There is a plea for people to please go, as he should not “have to leave this earth” with nobody to grieve…. Hope you and many others will go and that it is covered by media. I also hope change can come from this. Thank you, David Perry for inquiring. I live in Jackson, and did not know of him.

  12. bazlepatches says:

    May Mr Jan Rest Peacefully in Heaven and I’m sending prayers for all who knew Mr Jan and people should always have respect for all humans no matter if they are homeless or not I have been homeless before and people looked at me differently as well but God always provided for me …RIH …

  13. DT says:

    I know a lot of people tried to help over the years.I don’t know this for a fact ,but I suspect, that many arrest that were made was so he could have a meal and a warm place to sleep , especially in the winter. Alcoholism and mental illness and addictions are horrible diseases to fall prey to. Our government needs to do something about these problems and help these people more.!Our system has failed them. There have been other instances that have resulted in death from mental illness ,but yet, a blind eye has been turned.

  14. Bj says:

    We should be considering homelessness shelters in Kosciusko some people are just a step away from being homeless and no where to turn too

  15. Debra Hatley says:

    I knew him in junior high school almost fifty years ago. He was always very nice to me. I had not seen him or heard anything about him since then. Thankfully I now know through a friend of his that he was a Christian, he is in Heaven now all his past troubles and problems gone.

  16. The Real One says:

    As I read all the comments, I can clearly see that many of you knew this person & his struggle. The time to rally for him has expired ! Showing up in mass numbers @ his home going service won’t serve nothing to him! If you only would have showed up in mass numbers while he lived & struggled, maybe he could have got his life turned around! He needed all this love shown to him while he was living! Give flowers to ppl while they can smell them!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Real One..You have told nothing but the truth. All of this love and support should have been going on while this man was still here. This is just to make them feel better, he’s no longer here so it’s not benefiting Mr. Jan at all.

      • Marcell says:

        The real one speaks the truth. I didn’t know this man but can’t help but wonder how many of these people that cared so much about him actually tried to help him or did they just give him a couple dollars to make him go on his way and they look like a Christian. As many churches as there are in this little town filled with all these Christian people there shouldn’t be anybody struggling the way he did for as long as he did. Just sitting on the front row of church every time the doors open doesn’t make a Christian.

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