Kelly Causey has officially resigned as head coach of the Kosciusko Whippets football team.

Causey released the following statement to Breezy News Monday afternoon:

“After meeting with Superintendent, Athletic Director, and Kosciusko High Principal, I have tendered my resignation as Kosciusko head football coach effective 11/20/19. In my time as head coach, we have accomplished the three main goals set before us when I was hired.

1.) Establish strong discipline
2.) Strong academics (last year was the first ever MHSAA All Academic Football Team at Kosciusko High)
3.) Upkeep and improvement of fields and facilities. The field speaks for itself.

I am also very proud that we played in the playoffs all 3 years while competing in a district that has produced the last 2 state champions in 4A. I wish the next coach and team the best of luck in the future.”

School officials confirmed to Breezy News Friday that Causey informed the team and the school that he would be resigning Monday.

Since the 2000 football season, the Kosciusko football team has had nine head coaches and one interim head coach. Causey was one of only three coaches to lead the team for three or more seasons during that span.

In his three years as head coach, Causey compiled a record of 9-25.

  1. Kosy Community says:

    Wow! Well, Whippet Pride is Hard to Hide! If you know Kosciusko, then you know that Kosciusko football plays a significant role in our community and take much pride in the success of this sport. These past 3 years have not represented KHS well. Teaching those boys discipline, structure, being fair, building rapport with ALL of them, and being a positive role model/mentor to all of them both on and off the field goes a long way outside of just having the title of being a FB coach. I hope they can find a coach with all those qualities! Looking forward to next year!

    • Ms. Parker says:

      Well said, Kosy Community! A coach should build a rapport with ALL players and know ALL their strengths and weaknesses. Just as they shouldn’t play those players just because they have name recognition. If they can’t play or get the job done, they shouldn’t be on the field. Besides him being a horrible coach and disrespectful to the players and those who help out on the team, he fell into the “haves and have nots snydrome.” It has showed for the last 3 years. Kosciusko football is not what it used to be. It’s been highly embarrassing! Glad he is out of here!!!! Let’s go, KO! WHIPPET NATION!!!

    • Whippet Football Fan says:

      So, the past 3 years “have not represented KHS well”? All righty then…3 years ago Coach Causey inherited a team that won 1 game. The football field looked, at that time, like a goat ranch. Academics of the football team, as a whole, were in the toilet. Discipline for the football team, as a whole, did not exist. Coincidentally, these were the items that Coach Causey and his staff were tasked to remedy by the committee that hired him. The field looks as good, or better, than it ever has, the football team just made the academic honor roll for the MHSAA, and the young men of the football team are a class-act. Anybody that knows Coach Causey, (and obviously you do not), will say that the LAST thing he cared about was his “title.” If you want to criticize the coach, that’s fine. Say the Whippets won 3 games a year and that isn’t good enough for you….say that you are a disgruntled person in the “Kosy Community” who Coach Causey didn’t, in some manner, let have their way…say whatever you want, it is a free country, and you have a right to your opinion. But please don’t say that he didn’t teach the boys discipline, structure, treat them fairly, or attempt to build rapport with all of them. And furthermore, please don’t say that he is not a positive role model and mentor, when those are OPINIONS and certainly not facts. The one thing we can agree on, is like you, I hope they find a coach with the qualities you mentioned, because there is certainly one being lost. Coach Causey, you will be missed!

  2. whippet player says:

    Ms. Parker does not know what she is talking about he was respectful and a good role model to all players. He infasized disciple. She just don’t know what she is talking about. She problems has never had a conversation with the coach.

    • Use to Care says:

      “infasized disciple” Ummmm did you mean “emphasized discipline” This is the results of an strong academic program?? Just goes to show somethings never change in Kosciusko.

  3. Candice says:

    Well not be me he has not done anything for kosciusko but gave alot of headaches. And mistreated alot of kids and parents that people dont know about. Maybe they will get a coach that loves the kids and want listen to the rich folks that told him he need to play there kids.We had a great coach that loves the kids and could coach the right way but the rich folks run him off. SO He Will Not Be Missed just My Opinion.

  4. Lance says:

    If you are truly a “whippet player” and hence a student using this poor example of spelling and grammar then we have bigger problems at KHS than searching for a ball coach.

  5. Mary williams says:

    Totally agree with Lance. The “whippet player” post is a poor example of spelling/grammar and was not acceptable when I was a student at KHS. I am grateful to all the wonderful teachers who did what they were paid to do – they educated us. They did not coddle us or pass us to the next level unless we earned it. BTW, two of my teachers were coaches!

  6. #KEEPNITREAL says:

    On a real note, this is probably the best for both him & the KHS fb Team. I never knew him personally but a 9-25 record in 3 yrs ain’t gone keep a coach employed @ a school like KHS. Coaches are relied on to elevate programs. Unfortunately, that wasn’t happening. Theres a lot of talent here just to be losing like this! This playoff thing shouldn’t even be mentioned! 3 wins in a season don’t warrant no playoffs. When I look back on the hiring , I wonder. Why didn’t they hire him when Cleveland & Eastside consolidated? Hmmm…. He was already there @ Cleveland….
    I’m going to close with 2 delicate subjects: Kosciusko Cardinals & Longtime dedicated football manager T D… !!!!!

  7. Sad says:

    All of a sudden everyone is the grammar police. Yes, we lose our ground when there are errors, but I believe the kid was taking up for his teacher. Who cares about football? Very few of these kids are as good as their parents think they are, and if they focused on academics and character development, instead of brushing these things aside during football season maybe, just maybe, the schools will be rated higher than a C or a B. Kosciusko used to be one of the top performers of the state academically, but no one wants to complain about the leadership or lack of there. Let’s beat this poor man down because he couldn’t get a football team to win a game, cause that’s the priority. No wonder this town is dying and the schools are suffering, but you won’t get that. Some fool will be scanning this comment for grammatical errors.

    • SAD IS BAD says:

      Sad will take time to defend the kid who misspelled the words and even say why are we being the grammar police and even ask who cares about football?? Well SAD… you must not care about the towns football team and you seem to like to throw slanders towards parents that support their kids and build their confidence up. Undoubtedly you see that as a bad thing??

      Maybe if someone like yourself would put more effort into building a kids character up instead of focusing on their parents ability to support their child that may allow you more time to focus on your ability to be become part of the solution, instead of the problem…FOOL!

  8. Mary says:

    Sorry “Sad” if you are offended by my comment. FYI, I am not the grammar police nor a fool but I am ‘sad’ that we label people we don’t know when they have a different opinion. We all have an opinion, and this is mine.

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