Update: The victim in a May 16 shooting in Attala County has died.

Amy Edwards Sanders, 32, died over the weekend at a Jackson hospital.

Sanders was the victim of a shooting at a home west of Kosciusko during the early morning hours of May 16.

One suspect, 21-year-old, Ryan Steen was arrested later that day in Winston County.

Attala County Sheriff Tim Nail said charges against Steen have been upgraded to murder.

His bond has also been reset at $500,000.

Steen’s initial court appearance is set for Wednesday.

5-16 – 10:55 am:  In an update to the story on suspect wanted in connection with the shooting in Attala County overnight, Sheriff Tim Nail tells Breezy News that the Winston County Sheriff’s Department has picked up Ryan Steen at the Wal-Mart in Winston County.

Nail said they received information shortly after the article of the shooting went online and the Winston County Sheriff’s Department followed up on the tip.

Nail said Investigator Jimmy Nunn was en-route to extradite Steen back to Attala.

The Sheriff would like to thank the public for their assistance in apprehending the suspect. “This is a fine example of law enforcement and the public working together “ said Nail.


5-16 – 10:08: One person was airlifted after a shooting in the county overnight.

According to Sheriff Tim Nail a female, whose name has not been released at this time, was the victim of a shooting. The incident took place just outside the city at 13644 highway 12 west.

Deputies and Investigators along with medical personnel were called to the residence at approximately 12:45 am on Thursday morning.

The female victim was airlifted to a Jackson hospital with a gun shot wound to the chest. Sheriff Nail said that the last update on her condition Thursday morning was that she was in critical condition.

A B.O.L.O. (Be On the Look Out) has been issued for a suspect wanted in connection with the shooting. Nail said an N.C.I.C warrant has been issued for 21 year old Ryan L. Steen

If you know the whereabouts  or any have information on this incident you are urged to contact the Attala County Sheriff’s Department at (662) 289-5556 or your local 911 dispatch.

  1. BM says:

    Sure hate to see this. Haven’t seen this young man since he was 12. He was kind. Unfortunately, he is a product of his environment. Sad.

      • Chandra says:

        If he was lost u should of got help for him he still killed a friend of mine he needs to pay for wat he did.stop making excuses for him .sorry but Amy is gone.he didnt call 911 why if it was an accident

    • Mitzie Muffler says:

      I hope he rots in jail she is the mother of my grandson no-one and i mean no-one deservers what happened to her

      • Meagan Mims says:

        Look ya’ll. “What if” and I’m just throwing this out there. What if this “kid” who is 21. Accidentally shot this girl? Whose to say that it was his intent? Accidents happen all the time and innocent people go to prison every day. You think prison is going to be what’s right for this “kid”?. Worst case scenario he sits in county for a few years waiting for trial and then is finally sentenced and does 10-30 years and a whole lifetime has gone by without him. Just because of one mistake a child made? Ya’ll need to hire me as his lawyer jk get someone who will fight for this kids. He needs ya’lls prayers just as much as the girls family does.

        • SAMANTHA JONES says:

          Really? Shooting someone is a crime, and if u do the crime u gotta do the time oh and guess what dumbass HES ALIVE Amy is gone!!!!!!! She doesn’t get to live her life nor be with her son He needs to pay for what he did I hope he lives miserable in jail and gets beat down every chance and people like u are wasting good air. For you to say what you did is just pethetic

        • Mitzie says:

          And let’s just say your are right and it was an accident why not call 911 immediately why wait till she bled out to call and why leave the scene if it was an accident

          • Samantha West says:

            I totally agree with you. That dude didn’t do it on accident cuz 911 would have been called right away not a couple hours later. He needs to rot in prison.

        • Robert Edwards says:

          Accidents dont lay in the floor for two hours before you call for help .and accidents do not flee to another county

        • Gail says:

          21 is not a kid. You don’t get to kill people in this country just because you’re young and your life is going to be ruined. What about Amy, she was young too and her life is over! I will pray for him but there has to be justice.

        • Mimi says:

          Shooting someone and leaving them on the floor bleeding out for two hours isn’t just a mistake! And if I remember correctly, when you turn 21 you become an adult. The kid in this situations is a little boy whose mother was killed and now he has to grow up without her!

  2. Gladys TERRY says:

    I think every person that was present at the time this happened should be charged with accessory or SOMETHING. I mean like I told someone this morning when we were talking about this, how did that conversation go, standing there and someone gets shot, O look he really shot her, lets go make a sandwich! Really, they should have been screaming for the cops! but the person is right when they said them folks were to busy hiding their stash to worry about a body laying on the floor!!

  3. Chris Ellis says:

    So sad this is why I had to leave Kosciusko and move to Minnesota did not want to raise my son in this town praying for her family and I hope everyone that was there go to jail I miss My mother and friends so much but this makes me sick to my stomach

  4. Debra Downs Vickers says:

    Dear God It made me sick to read this. Amy is a lovely young person. I only thought that one person was there. I didn’t know what all had happened. I had only seen what her grief stricken daddy put on Facebook. Now I’m reading that there were others there too. Why didn’t they do something? Were they all in on this shooting? Did they all agree to try to kill her but only one person pulled the trigger? Did she over hear something or see something they were scared that she would go to the cops with? Or were they all just wanting to remove their drugs and save their own butts instead of calling 911 THE MOMENT it all happened? I’ve known a lot of people who has done drugs. But if that trigger gets pulled they all would call 911. The people who didn’t were just selfish and clearly didn’t care about her welfare. No matter for what reason the moment that trigger was pulled someone should had called 911. I agree with Vickie Edward’s. THEY ALL NEED TO GO TO JAIL FOR THIS!!!

    Everyone please keep Amy and her family in your prayers like I am.

  5. Joe Gotti says:

    This ain’t nothing new. I think it’s great our county is in a state of anarchy. The pain and sorrow is what makes sure people know their place in our community. I am glad their is a terrible epidemic of crime in a web of decite across the county.

    • Sonya Moran says:

      Really, So your glad people are killing people and now a child is suffering because of it. People knowing their place in your community, so you own Attala County? So your saying everyone should be murderers and trigger happy so that others will know their place? If everyone was on a power trip like your self and trying to show others thier place in a community,city,or state that would mean people would be murdered everywhere. No one is in charge of anything in any community but God, furthermore if it were your family would you feel the same way? Please think before you comment because everyone isn’t trigger happy or on a power trip! You may be happy with an epidemic of crime until it involves yourself or a loved one!. I hope you find jesus with all the hatred you have! and think of her son and family!

    • Robert Edwards says:

      Really that’s my baby sister your talking about that your glad about please if you feel this way restrained yourself from commenting about this .your mindset is not welcome here crackerbarrel has coloring books that needs your attention

  6. Samantha West says:

    He should rot in prison for his actions. Amy did not deserve that nor did her son who will now grow up without a mom. If it was an accident then 911 would have been called immediately.

  7. JustBeingHonest says:

    Regardless of an accident I’m willing to bet my life he wasn’t even supposed to have a gun it was probably a stolen or not registered to him..that’s the whole BIGGER picture…if he didn’t have what he wasn’t supposed to have then it wouldn’t have happened!! And then on top of that if it was an accident why was it almost 2 hours before help was called?? She could have lived!!

    God Rest Her Precious Soul!!

  8. Tee lee says:

    Amy u will b missed only wish she could have got away from kosciusko…..had such a great time with my friend in. Gulfport back in January i miss u amy.

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