Update: One person has been arrested in connection with the incident at North Natchez Apartments in Kosciusko Sunday night that resulted in a man’s death.

Kosciusko Chief of Police Herbert Dew said 31-year-old Chris Meredith was arrested on W. Adams St. Sunday night around 7:10 pm.

Dew said Meredith was involved in a fight with 40-year-old Davion Rimmer, who was later pronounced dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital Attala.

According to Dew, the two had been in a verbal altercation earlier in the day at the apartment complex. Meredith left the complex and when he returned, the fight broke out in the parking lot.

Meredith was initially charged with murder, but after an autopsy, it was determined Rimmer died of a heart attack. Dew said the murder charge has been changed to manslaughter.

Meredith is currently in the Leake County Jail and will have a court appearance Tuesday morning in Kosciusko.


3-11-2019: At 4:07 pm Kosciusko Police, MedStat EMS, along with City Fire and Rescue responded to a report of an assault at North Natchez Apartments.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene and notified responding units that the victim had no pulse. Firefighters immediately administered CPR until MedStat arrived on scene and transported the patient to Baptist-Attala.

Attala County Corner Sam Bell was able to confirm the death of the victim but no other information could be given at this time.

Continue to monitor Breezy News as this story unfolds and more information is made available.

  1. Connie says:

    There is plenty of good in Kosciusko, MS. It just never gets reported like the bad does. As bad happens everywhere else too. Prayers for the family!

  2. Connie says:

    Plenty of good happens in Kosciusko,MS. It just does not get reported as the bad does. As is the case everywhere these days.
    God bless this victim’s family. Prayers

  3. LC says:

    We have a lot of good things going on for Kosciusko!!! It’s been a long time since a murder inside the city. I hope they get the person who committed the crime!! Ms Mary, I’m praying for you and your family. I’m so sorry.

  4. Amber says:

    I’m just saying Kosciusko could have took the man to the hospital faster than they did but they didn’t. I’m sorry for the loss but everybody is going to have so much to say and don’t even know what’s going on or the people involved.

  5. Leelee says:

    Kosciusko can’t be blamed for what goes on there. People dont need to judge if u don’t know facts. I love my Rimmer family n Chris
    We as a community need to pray instead of judging people.

  6. Lacey says:

    Praying for the family. I hope the man that did this goes to prison for a very long time. They took a good man from this world way to soon.

  7. Carol says:

    We know Kosciusko cant control all the violence in there town. And other town r cities can either. All the citizens n communites need to pray instead of judging people without all the facts. My heart goes out to both families. I love all u guys (family). Lets pray instead of throwing stones

  8. Robin Fletcher says:

    I didnt say it wasnt no good in Kosciusko, Ms.. Just said u never her good news there.. It dad that people are killing each instead of sticking and praying together.I am from Kosciusko, Ms.. I knew Chris and Pete.. I hated that it happened to both of them.. Before people start saying stuff, no where people coming from.. yes it happens everywhere. people get kill here every day and how many get killed..

  9. Tj. says:

    Kos. is a good place to live its.some.good.people here..things. happening sometimes
    Police dept. don’t mess.with you enless.you doing wrong white and blacks get along good I love my town…our crime rate is very low…

  10. Donna says:

    Thank you, TJ for your positive comments about our little town. It is the only place I want to live! And yes, blacks and whites do get along good in Kosciusko! Some of the sweetest friends I have are black, and I treasure their friendship. We live in a great community!

  11. Redd says:

    My Prayers go out to the family as well as my cousin Chris. All I gotta say is everybody always has something to say after the fact. But never during. While all this alleged altercations took place , didn’t no one step up then to calm the situation??? Anyone!!! But now that 2 black men, one lost his life, the other wondering about his now you hear all the oohs and ahhs from everyone. Right now it’s time for everyone including myself to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself what could I have done??? Once again my Prayers to the family. And my True love to mine!!!!

  12. Ashley Mallett says:

    This is not a black or white issue. This is not a good town turned bad. This is an unfortunate situation that happened. Prayers for my sister and Pete’s family. At this time, we do not need any arguments or hear negative talk. Just keep the families uplifted with prayers. They are greatly needed.

  13. A* says:

    How can you charge some one for killing a person who died of a heart attack unless they injected them or gave them something that caused their heart to not function properly whereas it normally would have. How can you prove that he wouldn’t have died later that day from a heart attack? No way that guy could have anticipated that a stupid fight would cause the man to die! Either way, I’m praying for both families! Such a tragic event!

  14. Erving says:

    Thank you for bring that to attention ..aA heart attack not murder….love you chris keep your head up boo its gonna b ok..prayers to both families

  15. Jasmine says:

    Although he died of a heart attack, the heart attack would never had occurred if Chris don’t go back for the altercation between he An Pete, therefore he’s being charged with manslaughter not Murder! Period! which they may An can drop it down to accidental manslaughter, just continue to pray for both families in such a time of need ??

  16. Curious 1 says:

    Jasmine, I’m just curious to whether you are the medical examiner that has been educated & trained to make such determination & has performed the autopsy on this person , or maybe have witnessed the official autopsy or medical report from the medical examiner to determine such fact! To say that the heart attack never would have occurred is a very false statement & accusation unless it’s supported by facts from the official people or person of such expertise!!!

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