Update:  The sexual battery case against Kosciusko Police Department investigator Greg Collins has been sent to the Desoto County District Attorney’s Office.

Collins’ initial court date was set for Jan. 8, but that hearing was postponed until Feb. 5. However, the hearing was not held on that date either.

The case is expected to be brought before an upcoming session of the 17th Circuit Court of the Mississippi grand jury.

Collins was arrested in Olive Branch Saturday, Dec. 8 on sexual battery charges stemming from an incident at a local hotel room.

He has been suspended without pay from the Kosciusko Police Department throughout the remainder of the investigation and criminal case.


12-10-2018: Kosciusko Police Investigator Greg Collins was arrested in Olive Branch over the weekend on sexual battery charges.

The Olive Branch Police Department released the following statement to the media.

“​On Saturday, December 8, 2018 Olive Branch Police received information in regards to an assault that had taken place involving an off duty Kosciusko, Mississippi police officer.

It is alleged that the female victim had met her assailant at a local establishment during an evening of socializing. The parties then left the establishment and met up again at the off duty officer’s hotel room. The victim alleges that after further talking and socializing in the hotel room, she went into the bathroom where she reports she was the victim of an assault of a sexual nature. Immediately after the incident took place, the victim was able to leave the hotel, and reported the incident to police a short time later.

The off duty officer was located shortly after the report and subsequently taken into custody. Based on the information provided in a signed affidavit he was charged with Sexual Battery. A bond was set at $22,222.22 and a court date set for January 8, 2019 at the Olive Branch Municipal Court.”

Following a special meeting of the Kosciusko Board of Aldermen, the board confirmed the officer as Investigator Greg Collins.

The board voted to suspend Collins without pay indefinitely until the Olive Branch Police Department completes its investigation.

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  1. SERIOUSLY says:

    I’m sorry…but I smell a rat…Did she think she was going back to his hotel room to hold his hand and chat? SERIOUSLY! He may be a married man, but however immoral, that is not illegal. If I go to a man’s hotel room after a night of “socializing”, I am pretty sure I know why I am going…

    • Joe in MS says:

      You said it, “Seriously.” I think any and everybody who goes to somebody else’s hotel room at night after “socializing” has a pretty good idea of how BOTH parties want the socializing to go next. Why didn’t she say “no” before going there? Why didn’t she just go home? Why didn’t she invite him to HER home instead of to his rented “bedroom with attached bathroom?” Why didn’t they go to Waffle House to continue their “socializing,” open 24/7 right there in Olive Branch, along with any number of other public places? Yes, “No means No” but there is a time and place to make sure it works that way and a stranger’s hotel room wasn’t where and when the best place to say it.

  2. Not adding up says:

    A person is innocent until proven. To suspend without pay seems early in the investigation. If what I’m reading is correct after a evening at local establishment socializing they both decided to leave and proceed to her assailants motel room with more socializing. Kavenough had more evidence against him, he’s a Justice for The Supreme Court, the highest in The United States of America.

  3. THall says:

    He might be a Justice for the Spureme court but he did wrong . Just because he the Justice of the Supreme doesn’t that mean his action should go unnoticed.. That’s the problem with people Today . People think that just because someone is in a higher position they action shouldn’t be accounted for …

  4. Bill Johnson says:

    No matter ones opinion on the legal issues, there was enough evidence to arrest. As far as innocent until proven guilty I totally agree. But no matter the outcome there, if it can be proved she was in his room it is “conduct unbecoming an officer” and a termination is warranted.

  5. Brandy says:

    So she went to his room possibly with the intent to sleep with him? So what! If she changed her mind and said she didn’t want to then SHE STILL SAID NO!!! That is sexual assault no questions asked…

  6. Gail says:

    She obviously went to his room on her own Will, ? What did she think was going to happen? She left in her own free will as the reporting says, so she wasn’t coered not held against her will. I’m not defending anyone but she should have never gone to his room.. just my opinion.

  7. Greg says:

    1. It’s a sad situation ether way, a rape has occurred or an innocent man has been locked up.
    2. Law enforcement MOST of the time only charge someone when enough evidence is provided for a case.
    3. This is America & we all have the right to change our minds anytime we deem fit.
    4. it doesn’t matter where anyone is, hotel room drinking or not, no means no.
    5. For the ones commenting she was in a hotel what did she expect… NOT TO GET RAPPED, and the comments pertaining to that are basically saying it’s ok to get rapped in a hotel room.. really

    • Tax paying citizen says:

      Rape is your speculation, probably. Or have you read or have knowledge of a rape being commited there? I’m only aware of a sexual battery charge. Sexual battery can range from a touch without consent , as well.

      • Greg says:

        You are totally correct, but police are not just gonna arrest someone on account of someone saying he grabbed me. Evidence evidence evidence. Unless he left hand prints somewhere it’s probably a little more serious.

    • Brandy says:

      Thank you sir. That was the point I was trying to make… I don’t see much difference between sexual “battery” and sexual “assault”! Neither one is ok!

  8. Jus Sayin says:

    “Any person who touches an intimate part of another person while that person is unlawfully restrained by the accused or an accomplice, and if the touching is against the will of the person touched and is for the purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse, is guilty of sexual battery.”

  9. Peaches says:

    Whoever she may been went to his room are whatever may been prostitute and thought she was going get money out the deal and didn’t get anything from him and then oh she called the police on him

  10. Phyllis kennan says:

    Sounds like to me she’s looking for attention. As I teach my daughters, don’t put yourself in situations you have no business in. Sexual assault? She went to his room. What did she think? I guess she thought they were going to “socialize” more? When you go to a mans room socializing becomes sexualing and unless you are a pure idiot you know it. She’s an embarrassment to herself and family because this will follow her all the days and she will be a joke in the courtroom.

  11. Gail says:

    Yes, as parents it is our duty to teach our children life issues/situations. This is sadly going to follow all parties for a long time. My opinion for this situation is BOTH parties were in the wrong! Prayers for all affected.

  12. One more thought says:

    First and foremost just because the girl went to his motel room doesn’t give consent for him to touch her, some of These comments are a joke. No means No.

  13. Gail says:

    From the media post, she was free to leave, wasn’t forced to go to the room nor held against her will. I guess when she said no, that meant no and she was free to leave. None of us know what her intent was when she obviously freely went to his room. It’s just a sad situation for all parties!

  14. Opal MILLER says:

    This is Jerry,s final thoughts,gestures and or comments… Well its like a game we all use to play,whisper what u hear in someones hear and before it goes through the third or fourth persons ear it has changed and before it gets to the last person it will have totally changed so was it a unwanted touch,or by the time it got to the tenth person was it way more than a touch,Two people know what really happened and like the one person said they didnt atrest him on a touching charge,and far as the girl making a fool of herself,by reporting this aligation,my thoughts are she made a fool when she went into his motel room ,so she would be making a bigger fool of herself if it happened and she didnt report it.We all have gossiped or shared another persons conversation to another at one time ,and it takes two to tango but only one to start a Fire ,but my final thought is since it was his motel room then he had to invite her there and that was the first mistake.Then she made her own choice whether to go or not. He made two mistakes ,First one was inviting her there and the second one was opening the door for her to come in,then it was her choice to go in on whatever the reason ,but like people say rights right and wrong is just wrong,No means No whethet she changed her mind right after that door behind her closed or right before she went to the bathroom, an now it will be up to our justice system to find him guilty or not guilty,we all speculate in our minds if ands or buts but to know the truth,we all are sinners so Ye who is without sin cast the first stone.

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