The Kosciusko Whippets traveled to Choctaw in Neshoba County to face the Choctaw Central Warriors.  Both teams came out blazing with a touchdown on their first drives.  First quarter, 7-7.  The second quarter brings another trade of touchdowns.  The Warriors add a field goal.  The Whippets add another touchdown right before halftime.  Halftime score, 21-17.

The second half continues the shootout with two more touchdowns, each!  Third quarter, 35-31 Whippets.  Choctaw Central opens the fourth quarter with another touchdown making the score 38-35.  And, despite many close calls, the Warriors hold the Whippets to that for the final score.

Antonio Harmon was named the Autumn Ridge Player of the Game.

Next week, the Whippets return to Landrum Field for their first home game in over a month.    Join us on Breezy101,, and the Breezy News app.

  1. The dude says:

    Win or lose, I think it was very disrespectful of the Choctaw band to come into the field, and perform no less, while a player was still on the field injured. Very dissapointed.

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