Mississippi lottery proceeds have surpassed $80 million for the fiscal year, meaning money spent on scratch tickets and other games is now going to education through June.

Mississippi passed the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law in 2018.

The first $80 million in lottery proceeds for each fiscal year goes to improvements to roads and bridges, with the remaining earmarked for education.

The budget year runs from July 1 through June 30.

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation is the private company that runs the lottery.

WTOK-TV reports that the company projects proceeds this fiscal year to be around $115 million, which means education will receive about $35 million. (AP)

Lottery retailers in Attala County:

  • BlueSky (120 HWY 12 W, KOSCIUSKO)
  • Fair Oil (863 HWY 12 E, KOSCIUSKO)
  • Singh Food Mart (841 S NATCHEZ ST., KOSCIUSKO)
  • Valero Gasmart (315 Highway 12 E , Kosciusko)
  • Whit’s Kwik Food (105 HWY 12 W, KOSCIUSKO)

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