Billy J. “Joey” Halderman

Candidate for

Chancery Clerk

Hello citizens of Attala County. September is here and it is time to start thinking about our future in Attala County, and who you will select as your next Chancery Clerk. I have always been a problem solver and I am asking each of you to vote for me on November 5th. I can use my experience, education and the concern I have for each of you as citizens of Attala county, to move us forward and work together as one unit to improve the lives of all of us. As many of you know by now, The Kosciusko City board of Alderman’s approval of one-way streets on and off our court square did not work efficiently. We received no benefit from their effort. The bicycle lanes approved by the Board of Alderman only caused congestion and our businesses suffered. The old Leonard’s building that was approved by the Kosciusko Board of Alderman for a Native American Museum has collapsed and now they are asking you to approve more of your tax dollars to build a new Native American Museum.

Most of you know by now, the fairgrounds by our coliseum have been purchased by the City School District. The annual fair that we grew up with will no longer be held at that location.

The city and county jails have been closed for years but nothing is being done to reopen either of these facilities. Now, there is a push for a performing arts center at the Junior High School Auditorium.

Citizens of Attala County, as a candidate for Chancery Clerk, I say “enough is enough.”  Even though a museum and a performing arts center are great ideas, we must examine which of these are wants and which are needs. Let us look how each would affect us tax paying citizens of Attala County.

First, let’s look at the Native American Museum and the Performing Arts Center and how they would help us. These two proposals can easily be seen as wants and not needs. My ranking would be to put the Performing Arts Center first as it would enhance our children’s abilities and it would be an important asset for the county and city. Years ago, the Junior High School would have been a great location. I personally disagree with this location because of security concerns for our Junior High children. If it does turn into a special event location, I fear security would be an issue.  I would rather examine the feasibility of using the old Strand building or upgrading the coliseum so both the county and city students would feel welcome. Security could be less complicated at either of these locations.  A Native American Museum would be second in importance. I am not for a Native American Museum. We cannot compete with the Choctaw Tribe owned casino, hotels, golf course, and water park that Native Americans have built near Philadelphia. I am in favor of a museum that would represent all cultures including a Natural Science section. Our children and visitors could move through the museum and see Native American influences and then how we have evolved through the years and how each culture has influenced our county. Visitors could move through time and see how we arrived at this present point in history.

The previous two topics were wants, now let’s move to the needs.  We need a new jail or refurbish our old jail. The recent shootings and drug dealing within the sight of the elementary school on 4th Avenue should motivate our citizens to support a much-needed jail. We can work to slow down these unlawful activities. The safety of our children and the citizens are at stake. A new jail facility would provide jobs for Attala County citizens, not Leake County. A jail facility would purchase goods from local businesses like groceries, paper products, and all supplies to run the facility. I see signs around Kosciusko that states “Keep Kosciusko Beautiful.” I say, let’s make Kosciusko and Attala County beautiful. A new jail would allow us to have state inmates. These inmates would give us free labor to pick up trash and help maintain city and county property. The inmates would profit by reducing their jail time through work. A new jail would stop the travel to Leake County Jail, and this would save both time and money. A new jail would keep our officers, state, city, and county in Attala County to protect you, the citizens of Attala County. I have had family members arrested before, and a jail facility in Attala County was key, from making bonds easier, to helping with visitations. A jail facility is a deterrent to criminal behavior and is an essential part of every county. Any county that does not have a jail facility suffers tremendously.

I believe a leader must in fact lead. If you believe any of the items discussed here are important to you and would help us all, please vote Billy J. “Joey” Halderman on November 5th and put leadership over politics.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13. I served the state of Mississippi for over 28 years as a State Trooper. I am asking each of you for your vote on November 5th so I can continue to serve you. May God bless each of you, no matter how you choose to vote. In Christ,

Billy J. Halderman


Paid for and approved by Billy J. “Joey” Halderman, Candidate for Chancery Clerk of Attala County.


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