Servpro Coaches Show – March 21, 2024

On this week’s edition of the Servpro Coaches Show - Kosciusko Whippets head baseball coach Cole McBride recaps the team's past few games and discusses the players that make up the Whippets' outfield.

Servpro Coaches Show – September 21, 2023

Before the Whippets take the field Friday night, you can hear a preview of the game during the Servpro Coaches Show. This week, Kosciusko Whippet head football coach Casey Orr recap's the team's game against Winona and previews this week's Homecoming... Read More.

Servpro Coaches Show – April 21, 2022

On this week's Special Edition of the Servpro Coaches Show: Kosciusko Whippets Pitching Coach Wesley Dew speaks about the team's strategy heading into the playoffs and we hear from a couple of Whippet players who give their thoughts on the season so... Read More.